Geelong Cricket Association

The Geelong Cricket Association is the main cricket organisation in the Geelong area. It is affiliate with Cricket Victoria. It currently has 37 teams competing in 3 divisions as well as junior competitions.


The Geelong Cricket Association was first formed in 1896 with six foundation clubs Capulets, Clarendon, Geelong, Magpies, Non Descripts and Yarra Street Wesleyans. Also successful to begin with the competition began to struggle and was forced to disband in 1913.

In 1928 the Geelong Cricket Association was reformed with six new clubs Geelong City, Geelong Footballers, Geelong West, Newtown & Chilwell, North Geelong and South Geelong forming the new competition.

As of today the competition runs 3 divisions. Turf cricket is mandatory for First and Second XI’s in the First and Second Division, whilst the Third Division has a mixture of turf and hard wicket cricket. The competition currently runs 14 grades across all divisions.

In the 2009/10 season the GCA also introduced a Twenty-20 competition spanning all divisions.

The most successful GCA club has been Newtown & Chilwell who have won 20 Division One 1st XI premierships, followed by North Geelong with 10.[1]

East Belmont are the current reigning Division 1 premiers defeating Grovedale in the 2018/19 grand final going back to back.

Affiliated Clubs

Division One Division Two Division Three
Bell Post Hill Bell Park Alexander Thomson
East Belmont Geelong CityR Bannockburn
Grovedale Highton Corio
Lara Manifold Heights Geelong West
Leopold Marshall Guild Saints
MurghebolucP ModewarreP Newcomb & District
Newtown & Chilwell St Peters St Albans Breakwater
North Geelong Torquay Teesdale
South Barwon ThomsonR
St Josephs Waurn Ponds

P Promoted after 2018/19 season
R Relegated after 2018/19 season

Hard-Wicket Only Clubs

  • Aireys Inlet (One-Day 4th/5ths)
  • Anakie (One-Day 1sts)
  • Corio Bay (One-Day 1sts)
  • Lethbridge (Divison 1 3rds/One Day 1sts)
  • Meredith (Division 1 3rds/One Day 3rds)
  • Shelford (One-Day 1sts)


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 GCA T20
Season Premiers Runners Up Premiers Runners Up Premiers Runners Up Premiers Runners Up
2018/19 East Belmont Grovedale Marshall Torquay Modewarre Bannockburn East Belmont St Josephs
2017/18 East Belmont North Geelong Bell Park Torquay Thomson Modewarre Geelong City Newtown & Chilwell
2016/17 Grovedale St Josephs Newcomb & District Highton Little River Bannockburn East Belmont South Barwon
2015/16 Grovedale East Belmont St Albans Breakwater St Peters Shelford Bannockburn East Belmont Leopold
2014/15 St Josephs North Geelong Marshall Thomson Teesdale Meredith East Belmont Grovedale
2013/14 St Josephs South Barwon Bell Post Hill Thomson Shelford Teesdale Murgheboluc East Belmont
2012/13 East Belmont South Barwon Newcomb & District St Albans Breakwater Bell Park Meredith East Belmont Lara
2011/12 Grovedale Geelong West Geelong City St Albans Breakwater Lethbridge Meredith Lara East Belmont
2010/11 Geelong West Grovedale St Albans Breakwater Geelong City Lethbridge Bell Park South Barwon Newtown & Chilwell
2009/10 Lara Geelong West Thomson Alexander Thomson Modewarre Teesdale Grovedale East Belmont
2008/09 Geelong West Grovedale North Shore Thomson Teesdale Guild-St Marys
2007/08 Grovedale South Barwon Waurn Ponds Guild-St Marys
2006/07 North Geelong East Belmont St Peters Manifold Heights
2005/06 East Belmont Grovedale Manifold Heights Alexander Thomson
2004/05 East Belmont Geelong City
2003/04 Grovedale St Josephs
2002/03 Bell Post Hill St Josephs
2001/02 Bell Post Hill North Geelong
2000/01 Newtown & Chilwell Geelong City
1999/00 Newtown & Chilwell Bell Post Hill
1998/99 North Geelong St Josephs
1997/98 East Belmont Geelong City
1996/97 North Geelong East Belmont
1995/96 North Geelong Leopold
1994/95 Leopold East Belmont
1993/94 Leopold North Geelong
1992/93 East Belmont St Josephs
1991/92 Newtown & Chilwell North Geelong
1990/91 Geelong West East Belmont
1989/90 Newtown & Chilwell East Belmont
1988/89 St Josephs North Geelong
1987/88 Newtown & Chilwell North Geelong
1986/87 Thomson Grovedale
1985/86 Geelong City Geelong West
1984/85 East Belmont Newtown & Chilwell
1983/84 Newtown & Chilwell Geelong West
1982/83 Newtown & Chilwell North Geelong
1981/82 Newtown & Chilwell Thomson
1980/81 Newtown & Chilwell Thomson
1979/80 Newtown & Chilwell G.W.C&F.C.
1978/79 Newtown & Chilwell South Barwon
1977/78 East Belmont Newtown & Chilwell
1976/77 South Barwon G.W.C.&F.C.
1975/76 South Barwon* Newtown & Chilwell
1974/75 St Josephs Geelong City
1973/74 Newtown & Chilwell South Barown
1972/73 South Barwon East Belmont
1971/72 North Geelong East Belmont
1970/71 Corio South Barwon
1969/70 Leopold Corio
1968/69 South Barwon Newtown & Chilwell
1967/68 Leopold G.W.C&F.C.
1966/67 G.W.C&F.C. Corio
1965/66 Corio South Barwon
1964/65 G.W.C&F.C. South Barwon
1963/64 Corio Geelong City
1962/63 G.W.C&F.C. Corio
1961/62 South Barwon G.W.C&F.C.
1960/61 Newtown & Chilwell Corio
1959/60 Newtown & Chilwell Geelong City
1958/59 Newtown & Chilwell Leopold
1957/58 Corio Leopold
1956/57 G.W.C&F.C. Corio
1955/56 Newtown & Chilwell G.W.C&F.C.
1954/55 Geelong City G.W.C&F.C.
1953/54 Geelong City Corio
1952/53 G.W.C&F.C. Geelong City
1951/52 Geelong City Newtown & Chilwell
1950/51 Geelong West CYMS
1949/50 G.W.C&F.C. High School East
1948/49 Newtown & Chilwell* Geelong West
1947/48 Geelong West Geelong Footballers
1946/47 Geelong Footballers Geelong West
1945/46 G.W.C&F.C.* Newtown & Chilwell * No Semis due to washouts.
1941/42 Ford Motor Company Geelong West
1940/41 Federal Mill North Geelong
1939/40 Geelong Footballers (B Grade) Federal Mill
1939/40 Ford Motor Company (A Grade) Newtown & Chilwell
1938/39 High School East* Federal Mill
1937/38 Geelong West High School East
1936/37 Federal Mill Geelong Footballers
1935/36 Newtown & Chilwell Geelong Footballers
1934/35 Newtown & Chilwell East Geelong
1933/34 Geel.West & Geel.Footballers
1932/33 Geelong West South Geelong
1931/32 South Geel. & Geel.Footballers
1930/31 South Geelong North Geelong
1929/30 North Geelong Geelong City
1928/29 Newtown & Chilwell North Geelong
1912/13 East Geelong# (Pre WW1)
1911/12 East Geelong# (Pre WW1)
1910/11 South Geelong# (Pre WW1)
1909/10 Geelong B Kardinia
1908/09 Geelong B Clarendon
1907/08 Geelong B#
1906/07 Geelong B#
1905/06 Corio# (Pre WW1)
1904/05 Geelong B#
1903/04 Corio# (Pre WW1)
1902/03 Clarendon# # Most wins premiers.
1901/02 Geelong B Corio (Pre WW1)
1900/01 Corio (Pre WW1) Clarendon
1899/00 Geelong Clarendon
1898/99 Geelong#
1897/98 Geelong Non Descripts
1896/97 Non Descripts Geelong