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  • Geelong Cricket Association

    The Geelong Cricket Association is the main cricket organisation in the Geelong area. It is affiliate with Cricket Victoria. It currently has 37 teams competing in 3 divisions as well as junior competitions.


    The Geelong Cricket Association was first formed in 1896 with six foundation clubs Capulets, Clarendon, Geelong, Magpies, Non Descripts and Yarra Street Wesleyans. Also successful to begin with the competition began to struggle and was forced to disband in 1913.

    In 1928 the Geelong Cricket Association was reformed with six new clubs Geelong City, Geelong Footballers, Geelong West, Newtown & Chilwell, North Geelong and South Geelong forming the new competition.

    As of today the competition runs 3 divisions. Turf cricket is mandatory for First and Second XI’s in the First and Second Division, whilst the Third Division has a mixture of turf and hard wicket cricket. The competition currently runs 14 grades across all divisions.

    In the 2009/10 season the GCA also introduced a Twenty-20 competition spanning all divisions.

    The most successful GCA club has been Newtown & Chilwell who have won 20 Division One 1st XI premierships, followed by North Geelong with 10.[1]

    Grovedale are the current reigning Division 1 premiers defeating St Josephs in the 2016/17 grand final going back to back.

    Affiliated Clubs

    Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
    Bell Post HillPAlexander ThomsonBannockburn
    East BelmontGuild St MarysBell Park
    Geelong CityHightonRCorio
    Geelong WestManifold HeightsCorio Bay
    LeopoldNewcomb & DistrictLittle River
    MurghebolucSt Albans BreakwaterMeredith
    Newtown & ChilwellSt PetersNorth Shore
    North GeelongThomsonShelford
    South BarwonTorquayTeesdale
    St JosephsWaurn PondsWinchelsea

    P Promoted after 2013-14 season
    R Relegated after 2013-14 season


    • Anakie (5ths/6ths only)


    Division 1Division 2Division 3GCA T20
    SeasonPremiersRunners UpPremiersRunners UpPremiersRunners UpPremiersRunners Up
    2017/18East BelmontNorth GeelongBell ParkTorquayThomsonModewarreGeelong CityNewtown & Chilwell
    2016/17GrovedaleSt JosephsNewcomb & DistrictHightonLittle RiverBannockburnEast BelmontSouth Barwon
    2015/16GrovedaleEast BelmontSt Albans BreakwaterSt PetersShelfordBannockburnEast BelmontLeopold
    2014/15St JosephsNorth GeelongMarshallThomsonTeesdaleMeredithEast BelmontGrovedale
    2013/14St JosephsSouth BarwonBell Post HillThomsonShelfordTeesdaleMurghebolucEast Belmont
    2012/13East BelmontSouth BarwonNewcomb & DistrictSt Albans BreakwaterBell ParkMeredithEast BelmontLara
    2011/12GrovedaleGeelong WestGeelong CitySt Albans BreakwaterLethbridgeMeredithLaraEast Belmont
    2010/11Geelong WestGrovedaleSt Albans BreakwaterGeelong CityLethbridgeBell ParkSouth BarwonNewtown & Chilwell
    2009/10LaraGeelong WestThomsonAlexander ThomsonModewarreTeesdaleGrovedaleEast Belmont
    2008/09Geelong WestGrovedaleNorth ShoreThomsonTeesdaleGuild-St Marys
    2007/08GrovedaleSouth BarwonWaurn PondsGuild-St Marys
    2006/07North GeelongEast BelmontSt PetersManifold Heights
    2005/06East BelmontGrovedaleManifold HeightsAlexander Thomson
    2004/05East BelmontGeelong City
    2003/04GrovedaleSt Josephs
    2002/03Bell Post HillSt Josephs
    2001/02Bell Post HillNorth Geelong
    2000/01Newtown & ChilwellGeelong City
    1999/00Newtown & ChilwellBell Post Hill
    1998/99North GeelongSt Josephs
    1997/98East BelmontGeelong City
    1996/97North GeelongEast Belmont
    1995/96North GeelongLeopold
    1994/95LeopoldEast Belmont
    1993/94LeopoldNorth Geelong
    1992/93East BelmontSt Josephs
    1991/92Newtown & ChilwellNorth Geelong
    1990/91Geelong WestEast Belmont
    1989/90Newtown & ChilwellEast Belmont
    1988/89St JosephsNorth Geelong
    1987/88Newtown & ChilwellNorth Geelong
    1985/86Geelong CityGeelong West
    1984/85East BelmontNewtown & Chilwell
    1983/84Newtown & ChilwellGeelong West
    1982/83Newtown & ChilwellNorth Geelong
    1981/82Newtown & ChilwellThomson
    1980/81Newtown & ChilwellThomson
    1979/80Newtown & ChilwellG.W.C&F.C.
    1978/79Newtown & ChilwellSouth Barwon
    1977/78East BelmontNewtown & Chilwell
    1976/77South BarwonG.W.C.&F.C.
    1975/76South Barwon*Newtown & Chilwell
    1974/75St JosephsGeelong City
    1973/74Newtown & ChilwellSouth Barown
    1972/73South BarwonEast Belmont
    1971/72North GeelongEast Belmont
    1970/71CorioSouth Barwon
    1968/69South BarwonNewtown & Chilwell
    1965/66CorioSouth Barwon
    1964/65G.W.C&F.C.South Barwon
    1963/64CorioGeelong City
    1961/62South BarwonG.W.C&F.C.
    1960/61Newtown & ChilwellCorio
    1959/60Newtown & ChilwellGeelong City
    1958/59Newtown & ChilwellLeopold
    1955/56Newtown & ChilwellG.W.C&F.C.
    1954/55Geelong CityG.W.C&F.C.
    1953/54Geelong CityCorio
    1952/53G.W.C&F.C.Geelong City
    1951/52Geelong CityNewtown & Chilwell
    1950/51Geelong WestCYMS
    1949/50G.W.C&F.C.High School East
    1948/49Newtown & Chilwell*Geelong West
    1947/48Geelong WestGeelong Footballers
    1946/47Geelong FootballersGeelong West
    1945/46G.W.C&F.C.*Newtown & Chilwell* No Semis due to washouts.
    1941/42Ford Motor CompanyGeelong West
    1940/41Federal MillNorth Geelong
    1939/40Geelong Footballers (B Grade)Federal Mill
    1939/40Ford Motor Company (A Grade)Newtown & Chilwell
    1938/39High School East*Federal Mill
    1937/38Geelong WestHigh School East
    1936/37Federal MillGeelong Footballers
    1935/36Newtown & ChilwellGeelong Footballers
    1934/35Newtown & ChilwellEast Geelong
    1933/34Geel.West & Geel.Footballers
    1932/33Geelong WestSouth Geelong
    1931/32South Geel. & Geel.Footballers
    1930/31South GeelongNorth Geelong
    1929/30North GeelongGeelong City
    1928/29Newtown & ChilwellNorth Geelong
    1912/13East Geelong# (Pre WW1)
    1911/12East Geelong# (Pre WW1)
    1910/11South Geelong# (Pre WW1)
    1909/10Geelong BKardinia
    1908/09Geelong BClarendon
    1907/08Geelong B#
    1906/07Geelong B#
    1905/06Corio# (Pre WW1)
    1904/05Geelong B#
    1903/04Corio# (Pre WW1)
    1902/03Clarendon## Most wins premiers.
    1901/02Geelong BCorio (Pre WW1)
    1900/01Corio (Pre WW1)Clarendon
    1897/98GeelongNon Descripts
    1896/97Non DescriptsGeelong


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