Wallumbilla North is a locality in the Maranoa Region, Queensland, Australia.[2] In the 2016 census, Wallumbilla North had a population of 147 people.[1]


As the name suggests, Wallumbilla North is immediately north of Wallumbilla.[3]

Wallumbilla Creek, Middle Creek and Cattle Creek rise in the locality. All are eventually tributaries of the Balonne River.[3]


The name Wallumbilla was the name of a pastoral run leased by Charles Coxen, The name is presumed to come from the indigenous Mandandanji language and reportedly means wallu=plenty and billa=jew fish.[4][5]

North Wallumbilla Creek State School opened in 1911 but was renamed Rasley State School in 1912 and then Raslie State State on 1 April 1913. It closed on 28 January 1963.[6][7]


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