A Best&Less store in Wagga Wagga

Best & Less is an Australian retailer of clothing and household linens.


Best & Less was founded by Berel Ginges[2] in January 1965, by occupying part of the ground floor of the department store "Snows" which was in the process of closing down. Prior to trading as Best & Less, the store was known as "Shenows". Best & Less officially opened their first store in Parramatta on 27 May 1965.

Best & Less was known for its frugal in-store appearance, with minimal fixtures, and its advertising tagline was "You don't pay for any fancy overheads". The ads often featured Joy Muir, then president of the Australian Housewive's Association, delivering the line to cameras.[citation needed]

In April 1998, Best & Less was acquired by Pepkor.[3] The acquisition by Pepkor has enabled Best & Less to expand to 180 stores. Best & Less now has over 186 stores located throughout Australia.


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