Central Coast Council (Tasmania)

Map showing Central Coast LGA in Tasmania

Central Coast Council is a local government body in Tasmania, situated in the north-west of the state between Burnie and Devonport. Central Coast is classified as an urban local government area and has a population of 21,362, Ulverstone and Penguin are the two primary towns of the region.

History and attributes

The Central Coast Council was established on 2 April 1993 after the amalgamation of the Penguin and Ulverstone municipalities.[2]

Central Coast is classified as urban, regional and small (URS) under the Australian Classification of Local Governments.[3]

The municipal boundaries are the Blythe River in the west, Braddons Lookout Road in the east and Black Bluff in the south.[4] The Central Coast includes the tourist destinations Leven Canyon[5] and ,[6] as well as a number of rural areas such as Upper Castra.


Name Position[7] Party affiliation
Jan Bonde Mayor/Councillor   Independent
Kathleen Downie Deputy Mayor/Councillor   Independent
John Bloomfield Councillor   Independent
Shane Broad Councillor   Independent
Garry Carpenter Councillor   Independent
Gerry Howard Councillor   Independent
Rowen Tongs Councillor   Independent
Tony van Rooyen Councillor   Independent
Phillip Viney Councillor   Independent


Locality Census population 2016 Reason
Blthye Heads Incl. in Heybridge
Heybridge 430 Includes Blythe Heads
Howth 54
Sulphur Creek 629
Preservation Bay 74
Penguin 3849 Includes Carmantown
Cuprona 120
West Pine 138
Carmantown Incl. in Penguin
West Ulverstone 4191
Ulverstone 6465
Turners Beach 1715
Carmena 26
Leith 415
Forth 711
Kindred 234
Upper Castra 77
Castra 51
Nietta 64
South Nietta 9
South Preston 7
Preston 150 Includes Warringa
Loongana 20
Loyetea 25
Heka Incl. in Gunns Plains
Warringa Incl. in Preston
Gunns Plains 171 Includes Heka
Riana 326
South Riana 214
Sprent 138
Spalford 59
Abbotsham 95
Gawler 622
North Motton 405
Total 21,484
(122) Variance
Local government total 21,362 Gazetted Central Coast Local Government Area

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