Willison railway station

Willison railway station is located on the Alamein line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the eastern Melbourne suburb of Camberwell opening as Golf Links on 8 June 1908, being renamed Willison on 23 July 1936.[1]

In 2013/14 it was the 6th least used station on Melbourne's metropolitan network, with 88,000 passenger movements.[2]

Willison was not part of the original Outer Circle line, it was built soon afterwards as part of the Deepdene Dasher service. This remnant of the Outer Circle went from Ashburton to Deepdene.

The station was built to serve the Riversdale Golf Club, which was originally adjacent to the site. It has been said that influential members of the club did not appreciate having to walk to either Riversdale or Hartwell stations, and pressed for a closer alternative.[3] This may explain why Willison was built so close to Riversdale station, being only 400 metres away.

The station was originally just a siding where members could embark after a game. The golf club moved from the site in 1927, and on 23 July 1936, the station was renamed Willison. By this time, the Deepdene Dasher service had ceased operations, and Willison was served only by the Ashburton line. Twelve years later, this was extended to Alamein, the service which still exists today.

Willison is named after A J Willison, a former councillor for Camberwell Council.[4]

Platforms & services

Willison has two side platforms. It is serviced by Metro Trains' Alamein line services.[5]

Platforms 1:

Platforms 2:


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