Pakenham railway station is located on the Gippsland line, in Victoria, Australia. It opened on 8 October 1877,[2] and serves the south-eastern Melbourne satellite suburb of Pakenham. It is the terminus of the electrified Pakenham line from Flinders Street.

The current island platform was provided in 1959.[3] In 1970, the station buildings were replaced with a new pebblestone structure, and in 1975, electrified suburban services were extended to the station. Further upgrades to the station occurred in 1979/1980.[4] Boom barriers were provided at the Main Street level crossing in 1986.[5] It was upgraded to a premium station on 15 March 1997.[6] Since 2001, it has been the extremity of the electrified network.

Stabling facilities are located directly south of the station. In March 2014, it was announced that a new train servicing facility would be built at Pakenham East.[7]

Pakenham was the scene of a collision between Hitachi carriage 353D and guards van 286ZL on 16 April 1980. The guards van was destroyed in the collision, and the Hitachi carriage was later scrapped.[8]

Platforms & services

Pakenham has one island platform. It is served by terminating Metro Trains Pakenham line trains, and V/Line Traralgon and Bairnsdale services.[9][10][11] Metro Trains generally use Platform 1, with westbound V/Line services often crossing to Platform 2 to pass stabled trains.

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

It is planned to connect the Pakenham line to the Sunbury line through the new Metro Tunnel in late 2025.

Transport links

Ventura Bus Lines operates six routes to and from Pakenham station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:



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