Melton Secondary College

Melton Secondary College was the first secondary school built in Melton, Victoria, Australia. The school currently offers studies in 34 VCE subjects and 23 VET subjects.


Interhouse competitions remain an integral part of the school’s ethos.

The four Houses with their associated colours are:

  • Yangardook (Red)
  • Kororoit (Blue)
  • Djerriwarrh (Green)
  • Pywheitjorrk (Yellow)

The names for the houses were derived from local waterways.

The houses compete in 2 Major Competitions:


  • There is a Concert Band which reached a peak in 2006 with more than 75 members attending regular rehearsals and music lessons.

Other Major Ensembles

  • Jazz
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Vocal

WORKSHOPS with outstanding ARTISTS

Major Pat Picket,
Don Burrows,
James Morrison,
Graeme Lylall,
Gary Hommelhoff,
New Zealand Army Band,
Australian Army Band,
Majoe Peter Grant,
Mark Summerbell- Orchestra Victoria,
Peter Moore – Orchestra Victoria,


1st School from Victoria to perform at “Movieworld”. (2000)

1st School in the Western Suburbs to make a CD at Tamworth, N.S.W. (2000)

1st School in the Western suburbs to win the Boorandara Eistedfod. (1998)

1st School in the Western Suburbs to win the State “C” Grade Championship. (1999, 2005)

1st School in the Western Suburbs to win the State “Novice” Grade Championship.(2002)

Bendigo Eistedfod – Won “C grade” Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble, (2004–2006, 2007)

2nd Boxhill State Championships “B” Grade. (2006)
“Music Play for Life” – Guitars in schools Project (2006)

1st State Championships “C” Grade. (2008)

Sister schools

A sister school relationship exists internationally with Showa Junior High School, Okayama in Japan.

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