The Maffra railway line is a closed railway line in Victoria, Australia. The line provided an alternative route to East Gippsland than the current route to Sale. The line was closed in stages from Traralgon to Cowwarr in 1986, and from Cowwarr to Maffra in 1994. In the later years of the line, the main purpose of the line was to serve dairy industries at Maffra.

The last passenger service from Traralgon to Maffra was run by a 153hp Walker railmotor on 7 July 1977. A replacement bus service started 2 days later.[1] The last freight service on the line was on 8 September 1994, being 9470 up goods to Sale with locomotive N472, a single container wagon, and rail tractor RT49.[2]

Line guide

Maffra-Tinamba '2nd class' ticket issued ~20 years after term abolished
Trestle bridge between Traralgon and Glengarry

Distances from Southern Cross station shown.

Maffra railway line


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