Elsternwick railway station is located on the Sandringham line in Victoria, Australia. It opened on 19 December 1859, serving the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick.[2]

The station was originally part of the Melbourne & Hobson's Bay United Railway Company's network. The company and network was taken over by the Government of Victoria in 1878 to become part of Victorian Railways. As with the suburb Ripponlea, which had been named after the adjacent "Rippon Lea Estate" of Frederick Sargood, Elsternwick had been named after the largest property in the district, Charles Ebden's "Elster".[3]

In the 1880s, Elsternwick station also functioned as the eastern end of the cross-suburban Rosstown Railway, which was built by entrepreneur William Murray Ross, mainly to serve the sugar beet processing mill that he had established, with an adjoining residential estate, in the locality he called Rosstown, now known as Carnegie. The railway was seldom used and it was officially closed in 1916.

An electric tramline between Elsternwick and Point Ormond opened in 1915 and closed on 22 October 1960, after which the tram route became part of an extended 246 bus route. In February 1959 a project commenced to eliminate the Glen Huntly Road tramway / railway level crossing was being carried out, a temporary two-track station was provided in a side street adjoining the station to allow rail services to continue uninterrupted. The work was completed in October 1960, which was when the present railway buildings were provided.[4][5][6]

Elsternwick was upgraded to a premium station on 13 November 1995.[7] The ground-level station car park was closed in 2002 and 2003 and a residential/retail development was built on it, as part of a deal under which a developer was given the land with the condition that a multi-storey car park, including a lift, was provided for passengers. The station itself was refurbished in 2004.

Platforms & services

Elsternwick station has one island platform. It is served by Metro Trains Sandringham line trains running between Flinders Street and Sandringham.[8] Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Transport links

CDC Melbourne operate two routes to and from Elsternwick station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:

Transdev Melbourne operates one route to and from Elsternwick station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:

Yarra Trams operates one route via Elsternwick Station


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