The Third Hawke Ministry (Labor) was the 56th ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 23rd Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. The Third Hawke Ministry succeeded the Second Hawke Ministry, which dissolved on 24 July 1987 following the federal election that took place on 11 July. The ministry was replaced by the Fourth Hawke Ministry on 4 April 1990 following the 1990 federal election.[1]


Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Hon Bob Hawke AC

MP for Wills

Bob Hawke 1987 portrait crop.jpg
  Hon Lionel Bowen

MP for Kingsford-Smith

Lionel Bowen.jpg
  Hon John Button

Senator for Victoria

No image.svg
  Hon Gareth Evans QC

Senator for Victoria

  Hon Paul Keating

MP for Blaxland

Paul Keating 1985.jpg
  Hon Mick Young

MP for Port Adelaide

No image.svg
  Hon Peter Walsh

Senator for Western Australia

Peter Walsh.jpg
  Hon Bill Hayden

MP for Oxley

Bill Hayden on 29.5.1990.jpg
  Hon Ralph Willis

MP for Gellibrand

No image.svg
  Hon John Dawkins

MP for Fremantle

  Hon Kim Beazley

MP for Swan

Kim Beazley crop.jpg
  Hon John Kerin

MP for Werriwa

John Charles Kerin.jpg
  Hon Brian Howe

MP for Batman

Second Keating Cabinet 1994 (cropped Howe).jpg
  Hon Stewart West

MP for Cunningham

Stewart West.jpg
  Hon John Brown

MP for Parramatta

No image.svg
  Hon Dr Neal Blewett

MP for Bonython

Neal Blewett.jpg
  Hon Susan Ryan

Senator for Australian Capital Territory

Susan Ryan 2015-02.jpg
  Hon Michael Duffy

MP for Holt
(1980–1996) (in Cabinet from 19 January 1988)

Michael Duffy.jpg
  Hon Graham Richardson

Senator for New South Wales
(1983–1994) (in Cabinet from 19 January 1988)

Graham Richardson GQ 2011 (1).jpg
  Hon Clyde Holding

MP for Melbourne Ports
(1977–1998) (in Cabinet from 15 February 1988)

No image.svg
  Hon Peter Morris

MP for Shortland
(1972–1998) (in Cabinet from 2 September 1988)

No image.svg
  Hon Robert Ray

Senator for Victoria
(1981–2008) (in Cabinet from 2 September 1988)

Robert Ray.jpg

Outer ministry

Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Hon Peter Staples

MP for Jagajaga

No image.svg
  Hon Dr Barry Jones

MP for Lalor

Barry O Jones.jpg
  Hon Peter Duncan

MP for Makin

No image.svg
  Hon Gerry Hand

MP for Melbourne

No image.svg
  Hon Ben Humphreys

MP for Griffith

No image.svg
  Hon Michael Tate

Senator for Tasmania

No image.svg
  Hon Ros Kelly

MP for Canberra

No image.svg
  Hon Margaret Reynolds

Senator for Queensland

No image.svg
  Hon Peter Cook

Senator for Western Australia
(1983–2005) (in Ministry from 19 January 1988)

Peter Francis Salmon Cook.jpg
  Hon Gary Punch

MP for Barton
(1983–1996) (in Ministry from 19 January 1988)

No image.svg
  Hon Nick Bolkus

Senator for South Australia
(1981–2005) (in Ministry from 15 February 1988)

No image.svg
  Hon Bob Brown

MP for Charlton
(1984–1998) (in Ministry from 2 September 1988)

No image.svg
  Hon David Simmons

MP for Calare
(1983–1996) (in Ministry from 6 April 1989)

No image.svg

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