Kyabram P-12 College

Kyabram P-12 College, previously, “Kyabram High School” and later “Kyabram Secondary College” is a small high school in the country town of Kyabram, Victoria, Australia. The school has around 1200 students attending from a 20 km radius around Kyabram.The school was built in 1956. There is 127 working staff at the School.

The previously known “Ky High” was joined with merged with primary schools (Haslem St Primary and Dawes Rd Primary) in the region in early 2009, making up Kyabram P-12 College.


Past Principals
1947-1949 J Wilson
1949-1962 P Alexander
1962-1963 E.J Daniels
1963-1981 W.A Kunhe
1981-1982 Pat Anderson
1982-1986 Ray Muller
1986-1988 Ray Willis
1988-1989 Michael Francis
1989-1997 Brian King
1997-2009 Lindsay Cooper
2009–Present Stuart Bott


The students at the school compete in various events, such as the annual Swimming Sports and Sports Carnival, under the banner of their respective houses which were inspired by the previous color theme which was abolished.

  •      Castles
  •      Pine Grove
  •      Allan


In years 7 and 8 all students complete three semesters compulsory of Health and Physical education (2 semesters in year 7 and 1 semester in year 8). This unit will provide the opportunity for each student to extend his/her physical training knowledge in the fitness area. Students will select a sport to work towards increasing their skills and fitness levels for that sport. During the unit they will look at training methods, principles of training, fitness testing and look at how the body adapts to training.

Learning Studio

In May 2008 100 students moved into the new learning studio building. The 100 students consist of 50 year eights and 50 year sevens. In the studio there are 4 main rooms one which is full of 20 Apple Mac computers.

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