The First Holt Ministry (LiberalCountry Coalition) was the 41st ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 17th Prime Minister, Harold Holt. The Second Holt Ministry succeeded the Tenth Menzies Ministry, which dissolved on 26 January 1966 following the retirement of former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. The ministry was replaced by the Second Holt Ministry on 14 December 1966 following the 1966 federal election.[1]

As of 10 August 2019, Doug Anthony and Ian Sinclair are the last surviving members of the First Holt Ministry. James Forbes was the last surviving Liberal minister, and Allen Fairhall and Charles Barnes were the last surviving Liberal and Country Cabinet ministers respectively.


Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Liberal Rt Hon Harold Holt

MP for Higgins

Harold Holt 1965 01.jpg
Country Rt Hon John McEwen

MP for Murray

Sir John McEwen.jpg
Liberal Rt Hon William McMahon

MP for Lowe

William McMahon 1966.jpg
Liberal Rt Hon Paul Hasluck

MP for Curtin

Paul Hasluck 1960.jpg
Country Rt Hon Charles Adermann

MP for Fisher

Liberal Hon Allen Fairhall

MP for Paterson

Allen Fairhall.jpg
Liberal Hon Denham Henty

Senator for Tasmania

Liberal Hon Alan Hulme

MP for Petrie

Alan Hulme 1960s.png
Liberal Hon David Fairbairn DFC

MP for Farrer

Country Hon Charles Barnes

MP for McPherson

Liberal Hon John Gorton

Senator for Victoria

Liberal Hon Les Bury

MP for Wentworth

Les Bury.jpg

Outer ministry

Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Liberal Hon Gordon Freeth

MP for Forrest

Gordon Freeth 1969.jpg
Liberal Hon Reginald Swartz MBE

MP for Darling Downs

Liberal Hon Hubert Opperman OBE

MP for Corio

Liberal Hon Billy Snedden QC

MP for Bruce

Liberal Hon Dr James Forbes MC

MP for Barker

Country Hon Doug Anthony

MP for Richmond

Liberal Hon Fred Chaney AFC

MP for Perth

Liberal Hon Peter Howson

MP for Fawkner

Peter Howson 1963 (cropped).jpg
Liberal Hon Ken Anderson

Senator for New South Wales

Country Hon Colin McKellar

Senator for New South Wales

Country Hon Ian Sinclair

MP for New England

Ian Sinclair.jpg
Liberal Hon Dame Annabelle Rankin DBE

Senator for Queensland

Liberal Hon Malcolm Fraser

MP for Wannon

Malcolm Fraser 1966.jpg

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