Ocean Beach is a tourist attraction located about 5 kilometres (3 mi) South of the town of Denmark in Western Australia.[1]

The beach is part of Ratcliffe Bay and is surrounded to the east by the Nullaki Peninsula and a smaller granite headland, Wilson Head, to the east. Wilson Inlet is contained by a semi-permanent sandbar that forms part of Ocean Beach although a bar channel often exists which moves seasonally along the beach.[2]

The beach is patrolled during the summer months from December to April and a lifeguard is on duty for the summer holidays (mid-December to early February). Swimming between the flags at the base of the Surf Life Saving Club is recommended.[3]

In 1993, four Gray's beaked whales (also called Scamperdown whales or Mesoplodon grayi) were stranded on the beach, three were eventually returned to sea but the last one died.[4]


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