Northern Areas Council is a local government area in the Yorke and Mid North region of South Australia.[3] The council seat and main council offices are at Jamestown, while the council also maintains district offices at Gladstone and Spalding.[4]


Most of the region was first settled in the early 1840s, only a few years after the settlement of Adelaide. Several explorers had passed through the area on their way to more remote places, including Edward John Eyre and John Horrocks.

The Northern Areas Council came into effect on 3 May 1997, when the District Council of Rocky River, the District Council of Spalding and the District Council of Jamestown merged. Rocky River and Jamestown had themselves previously been subject to a number of amalgamations, and had a large number of predecessor municipalities; in contrast, the Spalding council had a much different history, as prior to the merger, it had been an independent municipality predating the landmark District Councils Act 1887.[5][6][7]


The district encompasses a number of towns and localities, including Andrews, , Belalie East, , , , Bundaleer North, Caltowie, , , Euromina, Georgetown, Gladstone, Gulnare, , Hornsdale, Jamestown, Laura, Mannanarie, Mayfield, Narridy, Spalding, , and Yacka, and part of Appila, Canowie Belt, , , Tarcowie and Yatina.[8]


Ward Councillor Notes
Jamestown[2]   Denis Clark Mayor
  Hank Langes
  Glan Moore
  Merv Robinson Deputy Mayor
Rocky River[2]   Geoff Lange
  Sue Scarman
  Kathy Webb
Spalding[2]   Ben Browne
Yackamoorundie[2]   Jim Walden


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