Mayfield is a rural locality in the Mid North region of South Australia. It is situated in the Northern Areas Council.[1]

The name and boundaries were formally established in April 2001, with the name having been proposed by the council. There is some ambiguity about the origin of the name: the state place name gazetteer records it as being "possibly [named] after the local road"; however, there is no current road by that name in Mayfield, but there is a Mayfield Homestead.[2]

It occupies roughly the north-eastern quarter of the cadastral Hundred of Reynolds.[1]

The locality is entirely rural in nature, and a series of rough dirt roads are the only means of vehicle access through the area.[3]

The historic , a remnant of the significant Old Canowie Station, is located on the boundary between Mayfield and its northern neighbour Belalie East, and is listed on the South Australian Heritage Register.[4]


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