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This is a list of the heads of state of Guyana, from independence in 1966 to the present day.

From 1966 to 1970 the head of state under the was the Queen of Guyana, Elizabeth II, who was also the Monarch of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The Queen was represented in Guyana by a Governor-General. Guyana became a republic under the Constitution of 1970 and the Monarch and Governor-General were replaced by a ceremonial President, by that time. Currently, the President of Guyana is both head of state and head of government and is elected by the National Assembly.

Monarch (1966–1970)

The succession to the throne was the same as the succession to the British throne.

Portrait Reign Royal House Prime Minister
Reign start Reign end Duration
1 Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II 1959 (cropped).jpg 26 May 1966 23 February 1970 3 years, 273 days Windsor Burnham


The Governor-General was the representative of the Monarch in Guyana and exercised most of the powers of the Monarch. The Governor-General was appointed for an indefinite term, serving at the pleasure of the Monarch. The Governor-General was appointed solely on the advice of the without the involvement of the British government. In the event of a vacancy the Chief Justice served as Officer Administering the Government.

  Denotes Chief Justice acting as Officer Administering the Government
Portrait Term of office Monarch Prime Minister
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sir Richard Luyt
No image.png 26 May 1966 31 October 1966 158 days Elizabeth II Burnham

No image.png 1 November 1966 16 December 1966 45 days Elizabeth II Burnham
2 Sir David Rose
No image.png 16 December 1966 10 November 1969
(died in office.)
2 years, 329 days Elizabeth II Burnham
Sir Edward Luckhoo
No image.png 10 November 1969 23 February 1970 105 days Elizabeth II Burnham

President of Guyana

Under the 1970 Constitution of the Republic of Guyana, the President replaced the Monarch as ceremonial head of state. The President was elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term. In the event of a vacancy the Prime Minister served as Acting President. In 1980, the powers of the President were increased, with the establishment of the executive presidency.

  Denotes last Governor-General acting as President
Portrait Term of office Elected Political affiliation
(at time of appointment)
Prime Minister
Took office Left office Time in office
Ceremonial President
Sir Edward Luckhoo
No image.png 23 February 1970 17 March 1970 22 days [1] Burnham
1 Arthur Chung
President Arthur Chung.jpg 17 March 1970 6 October 1980 10 years, 203 days Independent Burnham
Executive President
2 Forbes Burnham
Forbes Burnham (1966).jpg 6 October 1980 6 August 1985
(died in office.)
4 years, 304 days People's National Congress Reid
3 Desmond Hoyte
Desmond Hoyte.jpg 6 August 1985 9 October 1992 7 years, 64 days People's National Congress Green
4 Cheddi Jagan
President Cheddi Jagan.png 9 October 1992 6 March 1997
(died in office.)
4 years, 148 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
5 Sam Hinds
Sam Hinds 2006.jpg 6 March 1997 19 December 1997 288 days People's Progressive Party J. Jagan
6 Janet Jagan
Janet Jagan.png 19 December 1997 11 August 1999
1 year, 235 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
7 Bharrat Jagdeo
Jagdeo03032007.jpg 11 August 1999 3 December 2011 12 years, 114 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
8 Donald Ramotar
Donald Ramotar.png 3 December 2011 16 May 2015 3 years, 164 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
9 David Granger
David Granger 2015 (cropped).jpg 16 May 2015 Incumbent[2] 5 years, 8 days People's National Congress


David GrangerDonald RamotarBharrat JagdeoJanet JaganSam HindsCheddi JaganDesmond HoyteForbes BurnhamArthur ChungSir Edward Luckhoo


Living former heads of state

There are four living former Guyana Heads of State:

Image Name Term/Reign Office Date of birth
Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit.jpg Elizabeth II 1966–1970 Queen of Guyana (1926-04-21) 21 April 1926 (age 94)
Sam Hinds 2006.jpg Sam Hinds 1997 President of Guyana (1945-12-27) 27 December 1945 (age 74)
Jagdeo03032007.jpg Bharrat Jagdeo 1999–2011 President of Guyana (1964-01-23) 23 January 1964 (age 56)
Donald Ramotar.png Donald Ramotar 2011–2015 President of Guyana (1950-10-22) 22 October 1950 (age 69)


  1. ^ Was Chief Justice of Guyana
  2. ^ Lost confidence vote on 21 December 2018, see 2020 Guyanese general election

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