Gladstone railway station is located on the Crystal Brook-Broken Hill line in Gladstone, South Australia.[1]


Gladstone station opened in 1876 when a line opened from Port Pirie in the west, it was later extended east to Peterborough and ultimately Broken Hill. In 1888, a line was built north to Laura and ultimately Wilmington. When the Hamley Bridge line from Balaklava in the south reached Gladstone in 1894, it became a four-way junction station. All were built as narrow gauge lines.[2][3]

In 1927, the line from the south was converted to broad gauge, making Gladstone a break of gauge station. As part of the standardisation project, the line between Port Augusta and Broken Hill was converted to standard gauge in 1969, thus Gladstone became a junction for three gauges.[2][3]

By 1993, the lines to the north and south had closed, and today is only served by the standard gauge Crystal Brook-Broken Hill line.[2]


Journey Beyond's weekly Indian Pacific service between Sydney and Perth passes through Gladstone but does not stop.[4]


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