The current corporate office for the Western Downs Regional Council
The former Dalby Regional Council offices. Now the location of the Town Library and the Dalby Civic Theatre

Western Downs Region is a local government area in Queensland, Australia. The Western Downs Regional Council manages an area of 37,937 square kilometres (14,648 sq mi),[1] which is slightly smaller than Switzerland, although with a population of 34,467[1] in June 2018, it is over 228 times less densely populated.

The area is home to prime farming land and thus agriculture is a major industry in the area. Dalby, the biggest town in the region is home to the second largest cattle saleyards in Australia. The Dalby Saleyards process over 200,000 cattle annually in its facility which is comparable to Rockhampton and Casino.

The Western Downs Regional Council's Corporate Office is situated at 30 Marble Street, Dalby.


Baranggum (also known as Barrunggam, Barunggam Parrungoom, Murrumgama) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Baranggum people. The Baranggum language region includes the landscape within the local government boundaries of the Western Downs Regional Council, particularly Dalby, Tara, Jandowae and west towards Chinchilla.[2]

Western Downs Region was created in March 2008 as a result of the report of the Local Government Reform Commission released in July 2007.

Prior to the 2008 amalgamation, the new Region, located in the Darling Downs region, consisted the entire area of five previous local government areas:

The report recommended that the new local government area should not be divided into wards and elect ten councillors and a mayor. The report estimated that the resident population in 2006 was 30,018 and the operating budget was A$74 million.

Originally called Dalby Region, a name change to Western Downs was approved in August 2009.[3] The name change was greeted positively by residents as they felt the name was more inclusive and a better representation of the area. The name "Western Downs" stems from the phrase Darling Downs, and as the name suggests; the area to the west of the downs.

Towns and localities

The Western Downs Region includes the following settlements:

1 - shared with the Shire of Banana


The Western Downs Regional Council operates public libraries at Bell, Chinchilla, Dalby, Jandowae, Meandarra, Miles, Moonie, Tara, and Wandoan.[4]


Town Population Location
Bell 544 39 km NE of Dalby
Brigalow 404 62 km NW of Dalby, 20 km SE of Chinchilla
Chinchilla 5,487 82 km NW of Dalby
Condamine 426 125 km W of Dalby, 59 km SW of Chinchilla
Dalby 12,299 210 km WNW of Brisbane, 82 km SE of Dalby
Drillham 217 148 WNW of Dalby, 66 km W of Chinchilla
Dulacca 249 170 km WNW of Dalby, 89 km W of Chinchilla
Glenmorgan 385 173 km W of Dalby, 138 km SW of Chinchilla
Jandowae 1,246 49 km NNW of Dalby, 56 km E of Chinchilla
Jimbour 185 26 km N of Dalby, 73 km ESE of Chinchilla
Kaimkillenbun 566 24 km NE of Dalby
Kogan 355 53 km WNW of Dalby, 46 km SE of Chinchilla
Miles 1854 127 km WNW of Dalby, 46 km W of Chinchilla
Moonie 253 114 km SW of Dalby, 144 km S of Chinchilla
Tara 2,211 89 km W of Dalby, 70 km S of Chinchilla
The Gums 170 117 km WSW of Dalby, 96 km SSW of Chinchilla
Wandoan 665 196 km NW of Dalby, 115 km NW of Chinchilla
Warra 318 46 km NW of Dalby, 36 km SE of Chinchilla

Mayors and councillors




The councillors elected in 2016 were:[10]

  • Andrew Smith* (2008–Present)
  • Carolyn Tillman* (2008–Present)
  • Greg Olm (2012–Present)
  • Ian Rasmussen (2012–Present)
  • Peter Saxelby (2016–Present)
  • Kaye Maguire (2016–Present)
  • Donna Ashurst (2016–Present)

*was representative of a region pre-amalgamation


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