Kooringal is a town and locality on the south-west coast of Moreton Island within the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[2][3]


Kooringal consists of a few streets of housing along the south-western tip of Moreton Island. It is connected to the other settlements on the island by two routes:[4]

  • the Toulkerrie-Kooringal Bypass Road which travels north through the mangroves along the west coast until the sandy western beach commences. At this point the road becomes known as the Tangalooma-Kooringal Road and travels along the western beach until it reaches Tangalooma.[4]
  • the Mirapool Lagoon Bypass Road which crosses the island to the east coast beach, where it becomes the Mirapool - Middle Track Road and follows the eastern beach to the north

Located just to the north-east of the locality is the Kooringal Airstrip (also known as Baroco) which is 500 metres (1,600 ft) long.[5][6] A vehicular barge service operates from Amity Point to Kooringal at some times of year. Otherwise, vehicles must use the barge to Tangalooma and drive south to Kooringal.[7]

A small island (informally known as Crab Island) is to the north-west of Kooringal and the channel between them is called Days Gutter.[8]


In the 2011 census, Kooringal had a population of 297 people.[1]


The Toulkerrie Oyster Farm produces fresh Moreton Bay rock oysters; it takes around three years to grow the oysters large enough for the table. The farming process is environmentally sustainable and won the 2010 National Landcare Awards for Sustainable Farm Practices.[5][9]


The waters in the Kooringal area are noted for their fishing. Consequently, many of the buildings in Kooringal are holiday homes and fishing clubhouses.[5]


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