Chandler, Queensland

Chandler is an outer suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,[3] 14 kilometres (9 mi) south-east of the CBD.

The easternmost point of mainland Brisbane City, Chandler is a semi-rural suburb consisting largely of bushland and residential properties on acreage, close to the major commercial precincts of Carindale and Capalaba.[4]

Chandler is perhaps best known for the Sleeman Centre, a large sporting and entertainment complex.[5]


Chandler was named after the former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Sir John Beals Chandler.[3][6]

It remained sparsely populated for decades, retaining much of its natural bushland. This lack of population motivated the construction of multiple buildings of the Sleeman Centre for the 1982 Commonwealth Games.[7]

The Sleeman Centre housed the suburb's only significant structures until 2010, when the former suburb of Capalaba West became incorporated into Chandler.[8] This extended Chandler's eastern border to Tingalpa Creek, separating Brisbane from Redland City, and added a small commercial area along Old Cleveland Road to the suburb, including the erroneously named Capalaba Produce Village.[9]

An area of bushland in Chandler, consisting of eucalyptus trees and a small lake, close to the Sleeman Centre.


In the 2011 census,[10] the population of Chandler was 1,422, of which 50.4% were female and 49.6% were male. The median age of the Chandler population was 42 years of age, 5 years above the Australian median.

78.9% of people living in Chandler were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England (3.4%), New Zealand (2.3%), Italy (1%), Fiji (0.9%), and India (0.8%). 85.2% of people spoke only English at home; the next most popular languages were Italian (2%), Greek (1.5%), Vietnamese (0.9%), Hindi (0.5%), and Dutch (0.4%).


The Brisbane Aquatic Centre, a major venue of the Sleeman Sports Complex, which hosts an Olympic-size swimming pool and a diving platform.

The Sleeman Sports Complex is located at the corner of Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads,[11] and has brought Chandler to prominence during events such as the 1982 Commonwealth Games, the 2001 Goodwill Games, and the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games.[4][12] Alongside an auditorium, accommodation, and gardens, it provides facilities for a wide range of sports, including:[5]

  • BMX Supercross Track
  • Brisbane Aquatic Centre
  • Chandler Arena (used for indoor soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, martial arts, and ballroom dancing)
  • Chandler Velodrome
  • Dry Diving Training Hall
  • Gymnastics Training Hall
  • State Weightlifting Centre
  • A fitness centre for cardio, weight training, aerobics and spinning

Situated on Old Cleveland Road, the Complex also features a large TransLink public "Park 'n' ride" facility, to travel by bus to nearby Carindale bus station or Capalaba bus station, and beyond.[13] Once completed, TransLink's Eastern Busway is expected to travel through Chandler, near the Sleeman Centre.


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