Thulimbah is a town and locality in the Southern Downs Region of Queensland, Australia.[2][3] It borders New South Wales.[4]


Thulimbah is located on the Darling Downs. The town is on the New England Highway, 206 kilometres (128 mi) from the state capital, Brisbane.[5]


The name of the town derives from the name of the railway station used from 1883, apparently meaning "place of water" in an unrecorded Aboriginal language.[2]

Bentinck State School opened on 28 September 1914. On 30 August 1916 it was renamed Thulimbah State School. A preschool was added in 1976.[6][7]

There was originally another district in Queensland called Thulimbah, which was a source of confusion to many people. Eventually the problem was resolved in 1916 by renaming the other district Barney View (due to its location beside Mount Barney).[8]

At the 2006 census, Thulimbah and the surrounding area had a population of 534.[1]


Pink lady apples, orchard in Thulimbah, 2015
Pressing apples, Suttons Juice Factory and Cidery, Thulimbah, 2015
Stanthorpe Cheese and Jersey Girls Cafe, Thulimba, 2015

Thulimbah is a fruit-growing area, including apples, pears, cherries, grapes and oranges for both table and wine-making. There are a number of wineries, many with cellar door outlets in the area. Other local food producers also offer tastings, sales and cafe menus.


The town is home to one of Australia's big things, a tourist attraction known as the "Big Apple".[9]


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