Peranga is a town and a locality in the Toowoomba Region, Queensland, Australia.[2][3]


Peranga is a small town on the Darling Downs, 70 kilometres (43 mi) north-west of Toowoomba and 55 kilometres (34 mi) north-east of Dalby.


The name Peranga derives from the name of an outstation on Rosalie Plains pastoral run, assigned when the town was surveyed in 1911.[2]

Peranga Post Office opened on 11 January 1913.[4]

Peranga State School opened in 1915, closing on 30 July 1973.[5]

The Peranga & District Bowls Club opened in 1955.

The Anglican Church of St John the Evangelist was consecrated circa 1959. Its last service was held on 13 May 1961 due to a reduction in the congregation.[6]

Once the prosperous hub of a rich dairy-producing area, Peranga went into sharp decline after the closure of the Oakey-Cooyar railway line in the mid-1960s. The hotel burnt down in 1967, followed by the school's closure in 1973.

At the 2011 census, Peranga and the surrounding area had a population of 298.[1]

At the 2011 census Peranga had a population of 298 people.[1]


The Peranga & District Bowls Club is still in operation. There is a post office and general store, a one-man police station and a town hall.

Together with Peranga, the surrounding towns of Quinalow (10 km west), Maclagan (13 km north-west) and Kulpi (9 km south) are interdependent, having between them all the amenities of a small town. Kulpi has a hotel and tennis courts; Quinalow a garage, cafe, hotel, rural supplier, school, swimming pool, caravan park, library, tractor dealership, tennis courts, hall, and skate park; and Maclagan has a post office and general store, two wineries, a small museum, a butcher, a kindergarten and several parks.


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