Dulacca is a town and a locality in the Western Downs Region, Queensland, Australia.[2][3]


Dulacca is on the Darling Downs, 380 kilometres (240 mi) north west of the state capital, Brisbane. The Warrego Highway traverses from east to west through the locality, passing through the town. The Western railway line also traverses from east to west immediately south and parallel to the highway with the town being served by Dulacca railway station.[4][5]

Dulucca Creek flows through the locality from the town to the south, eventually being a tributary to the Balonne River.[5]


Dulacca War Memorial, 2008

The name Dulacca is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal word doolucah meaning emu nest.[2]

Dulacca Post Office opened on 3 March 1879.[6]

Dulacca State School opened on 1 March 1909.[7]

Rainville State School opened on 29 April 1912 but closed in 1917 due to low student numbers. It reopened in 1918 but closed again on 25 February 1921. On 6 April 1925 it reopened as Dulucca South State School but closed in 1930 before reopening again in 1933. It closed permanently on 30 December 1946.[7]

Dulacca North State School opened on 28 January 1919, closing in 1936 due to low student numbers. It reopened in 1941 and closed permanently in 1953.[7]

The Dulacca War Memorial was dedicated on 3 December 1921.[8]

St James The Less Anglican church was dedicated on 24 May 1958 by the Right Rev'd David Hand, Assistant of Bishop of the Diocese of New Guinea. Its closure circa 2015 was approved by Bishop Cameron Venables.[9]

At the 2011 census Dulacca had a population of 249.[1]


Dulacca State School is a government co-educational primary school (P-6) on North Road. In 2016 the school had an enrolment of 24 students with 3 teachers (2 full-time equivalent) and 5 non-teaching staff (2 full-time equivalent).[10]


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