Cement Mills is a locality in the Goondiwindi Region, Queensland, Australia.[1]


From 1916, Queensland Cement and Lime Company, based in Brisbane, obtained its limestone from the Gore area on the Darling Downs. A mail receiving office called Cementmills was opened at the company's works in about January 1918, being renamed to Cement Mills in March 1918. It was upgraded to a full post office on 20 April 1925. By 1936, the company ceased using limestone from the area in favour of the coral from Moreton Bay.[1][2]

Gore State School opened on 20 January 1913. It was renamed Maxhill State School in 1927 and then Cement Mills State School in 1937. The school closed on 21 February 1975.[3] (NOTE: The locality of Gore is immediately to the north-west of Cement Mills)


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