Boobera Lagoon is a permanent water hole in Moree Plains Shire, New South Wales, Australia,[1] approximately 20 kilometres west of Goondiwindi in Queensland. It is located at 28°38′S 150°09′E / 28.63°S 150.15°E / -28.63; 150.15. It lies several kilometres south of the Macintyre River, which forms the border between Queensland (to the north) and New South Wales, and is just north of the Mungindi - Goondiwindi road. Its outflow, which connects to the river, is named Boobera Watercourse.

The lagoon is 7 kilometres in length and supports a wide variety of aquatic and bird life.

The Indigenous people of the area believe the lagoon is the resting place of Garriya,[2] the Rainbow Serpent,[3] an important figure in dreamtime legend. The lagoon was particularly significant to the Bigambul and Kamilaroi people,[4] who held the third stage of their joint male initiation ceremonies at this site.

Today Boobera Lagoon is recognised as a culturally significant site[3] and motorised water sport is prohibited on the Lagoon.[5]


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