Dirnbir is a rural locality in the North Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia.[2] In the 2016 census, Dirnbir had a population of 49 people.[1]


The Burnett River forms the southern boundary of the locality at an elevation of 100 metres (330 ft) while Reid Creek (a tributary of the Burnett River) forms the eastern boundary. The land in the locality rises toward the north with two peaks: Mount Gayndah in the south of the locality at 364 metres (1,194 ft) and an unnamed peak in the south-west at 340 metres (1,120 ft). A number of creeks rise in the locality and flow south or east to become tributaries of the Burnett River or Reid Creek respectively.[3]

The more mountainous areas are undeveloped land. The predominant land use is grazing with some irrigated farming near the Burnett River.[3]


The locality takes its name from the Dirnbir railway station (25°36′24″S 151°33′31″E / 25.60667°S 151.55861°E / -25.60667; 151.55861 (Dirnbir railway station)) on the now closed Mungar Junction to Monto branch railway. The Queensland Railways Department named the station on 28 February 1913 using an Aboriginal word meaning grey ironbark tree.[4][5]

The Mount Debateable railway station was also located in the locality at 25°37′02″S 151°31′08″E / 25.61722°S 151.51889°E / -25.61722; 151.51889 (Mount Debateable railway station),[6] despite the mountain and locality of the same name being on the southern side of the Burnett River.[3]

Dirnbir State School opened circa 1915 and closed circa 1933.[7]


There are no schools in Dirnbir. The nearest primary and secondary schools are in neighbouring Gayndah.[3]


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