Ceratodus /sɛrəˈtdəs/[1] is a town and locality in the North Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia.[2][3]


Ceratodus is on the Burnett River about 8.8 kilometres (5.5 mi) from Eidsvold, Queensland. The river flows from north-east to south-west, where it is joined by the . The Burnett Highway passes through from south to north.[4]


The name Ceratodus was given to the settlement about 1922 [5] and derives from that of the Queensland lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri. A railway station opened here 26 April 1924.[6] On 12 September 1924, the District Postal Inspector, Maryborough Division, reported that 100 railway employees were camped at Ceratodus, engaged on bridge building and other railway work, and that there was one permanent settler (named Falconer) in the locality.[7]

Ceratodus Provisional School was open from 1925 to 1927. Ceratodus State School opened in July 1930 and closed on 10 October 1965.[8]

A receiving office opened at the railway station in January 1925[7] and was elevated to a post office by April 1926.[6] The settlement was, for many years, a watering station for steam locomotives. In 1967 it was reported that the postmistress and station-mistress (Mrs J. Leard) also operated the telephone exchange (to which only one subscriber's service was connected) and that there were no shops or businesses in the settlement, only two railway cottages.[7] The post office closed 31 May 1968.[6]

Heritage listings

Ceratodus has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:


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