Safeway (Australia)

Safeway and Safeway Liquor branding in use before being converted to Woolworths and Woolworths Liquor in May 2017 at Pacific Epping Shopping Centre in Epping, Victoria

Safeway was the trading name used by Woolworths Limited for well over four decades for its supermarkets in Victoria, Australia. Elsewhere in Australia, Woolworths is its Trading name. On August 22, 2008, Woolworths announced it would discontinue The Safeway name, rebranding all Victorian stores as Woolworths, matching its interstate counterparts, whom were already Woolworths. Wodonga, (along Victoria's northern border), was its final store branding, occurring on June 6, 2017, marking an end of Safeway namemark within Australia.[3]

Early Years

The American company Safeway Inc. entered the Australian grocery market in 1963 with the purchase of three Pratt's supermarkets. Bill Pratt had taken over the Pratt's supermarket within Frankston, Victoria, in 1946, and he was a pioneer of self-service and supermarkets in the 1950s. Pratt caught the eye of the Safeway company. Bill Pratt took the helm of Safeway's Australian operations in 1967.[4]

The subsidiary Safeway Australia was created, and by 1985 the chain had grown to 126 supermarkets trading under the Safeway banner across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Safeway's stores in New South Wales were named "Red S" because Safeway infringed the registered trademark of another supermarket called "Saveway". The distribution centre located in Wellington Road, Mulgrave, Victoria, formerly housed Safeway's head office.[5]

The Safeway and Safeway Liquor store (now branded as Woolworths and BWS) at Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston.

Acquisition By Woolworths

In 1985, Australia's second largest supermarket operator, Woolworths Limited, successfully acquired the Safeway, Inc., Australian interests. In the agreement, Woolworths Limited acquired all of the Safeway stores and the naming rights in exchange for a 19.99% interest in Woolworths Limited, (which has since been sold).

The Safeway stores in New South Wales and Queensland were renamed as Woolworths Supermarkets. However, the Safeway stores in Victoria retained their name, and all Victorian Woolworths stores were transferred to the Safeway banner. Mr. J.W.R. Pratt, the Chairman and Managing Director of Australian Safeway Stores and Mr. P.A. Magowan, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Safeway Stores Inc (USA), were also appointed to the Woolworths Board of Directors.

In 1987, Woolworths and Safeway Supermarkets launched "The Fresh Food People" campaign, adopting a uniform company logo and marketing strategy.

Use of Safeway brand

From Woolworths' takeover of Australian Safeway in 1985 until 2008 Safeway remained as the brand name used by Woolworths Supermarkets in Victoria (aside from two in Mildura and one in Belgrave) as well as the border town of Albury in NSW. During the 1980s and 1990s the Mildura stores moved from Woolworths to Safeway and back again, while the Karingal Woolworths store remained so until the late 1990s. The brand also followed Woolworths Supermarkets' progression into liquor trading as Safeway Liquor, and into petrol trading as Caltex Safeway.

Rebranding of Safeway to Woolworths

Melbourne's first newly branded Woolworths supermarket and Woolworths Liquor in Chadstone, Victoria .[6]

On 22 August 2008, Woolworths announced it was launching a new identity for all its supermarkets and plans to replace the Safeway brand in Victoria, in order to unite all of its supermarkets under one common brand "Woolworths".[7] The logo, which had been in use for 21 years, was replaced with a brand image with a new green tinted icon representing the "W" in Woolworths with the addition of a stylized leaf to suggest fresh produce. It is also reminiscent of a 1970s Woolworths logo. However, the company's slogan, "The Fresh Food People", which is known throughout Australia, remains as a part of the new branding.[8]

Woolworths indicated that Safeway supermarkets at Camberwell and Preston would be among the first to be re-branded.[7] However, a newly constructed supermarket at Chadstone Shopping Centre became the first Safeway to be re-branded as a Woolworths prior to opening.[9] The entire re-branding process had been calculated to take approximately five years, ending in early 2013, however several stores were still operating as Safeway past the expected completion period. On June 6, 2017, the final Safeway-branded supermarket in Wodonga closed and was rebranded as Woolworths, ending the Safeway brand after 54 years in Australia.[10]


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