PS Pride of the Murray

The Pride of the Murray, like many other paddle steamers, started out life as a timber logging barge. It was built at Echuca in 1924.[2]


The Pride of the Murray was built as the timber logging barge C24, at Echuca in 1924. At the end of its working life it was abandoned and sunk in the River Murray. In 1973 it was refloated and repaired at Moama slip.[2] Moama is the town on the opposite bank of the River Murray from Echuca.

The Pride of the Murray, like the PS Canberra and PS Emmylou, operates as a tourist attraction in Echuca. She runs daily hour long journeys up and down the river. She is also available for 2 or 3 hour charters. The Pride of the Murray is operated by Murray River Paddlesteamers in Echuca where she were originally built.[1]


The Pride of the Murray has dimensions 25.1m x 4.9m x 1.5m. Its paddle-wheels came from the PS Hero.[2]


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