PS Canberra is an original paddle steamer operated by Murray River Paddlesteamers in Echuca.[1]


PS Canberra was commissioned to be built in 1912 by the Connor Family, She was built at the mouth of the Murray in . Originally used as a single deck fishing steamer by the Connor family at Boundary Bend, she was part of their large fishing fleet which consisted of the and .

After the war The Canberra was sold to the Collins family in Mildura. It was here that the second deck was added and she pioneered the tourist trade.

In the 1960s The Canberra and The were switched, the Canberra steamed to Echuca and the Melbourne to Mildura. Once again the Canberra became a pioneer of tourism.

The PS Canberra is the oldest river boat in the Murray River Paddlesteamer fleet, having celebrated her century in August 2013.

Modern Day

Following her purchase in 2001, the Canberra underwent a 9-month restoration during 2002-2003 and was returned to being steam powered once again.

The PS Canberra operates as a tourist attraction in Echuca, running daily hour long journeys.


PS Canberra is powered by a 1923 wood-fired Marshall compound steam engine.[1]


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