Glitch (TV series)

Glitch is an Australian television programme which premiered on 9 July 2015 on ABC. The series is set in the fictional country town of Yoorana, Victoria, and follows seven people who return from the dead in perfect health but with no memory and are sensitive to sunlight. No one in the town knows why. The series was created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox. The first series was awarded Best Television Drama Series at the 2016 AACTA Awards. The series also won Most Outstanding Drama Series at the 2016 Logie Awards.

On 26 October 2015, ABC TV renewed the show for a second series of six episodes. The second series premiered on 14 September, 2017 on ABC. Series two follows James and the Risen as they begin to unravel the mystery of how and why they are back, but their journey of reconciliation, romance and revenge is soon disrupted by a new and even more lethal threat which is bad for civilization and only one person can stop it.

The first series was made available to stream on Netflix globally on 15 October 2016. Series 2 premiered on 28 November 2017 internationally on Netflix.[1][2][3] The show's renewal for series 3 was announced via Facebook on 20 August 2018[4][5] and began filming on 17 September 2018.[6] It premiered on 25 August 2019.[7]


Jenna Hayes () is a small town policewoman in Yoorana, Victoria. She is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night after seven people have risen from the dead in perfect health but with no memory of their identities but they can remember their favourite meals. They are determined to discover who they are and start earning money again so they can live. James struggles to keep the case hidden from his colleagues, his family, and the paparazzi, with the help of local doctor Elishia McKellar (Genevieve O'Reilly). The seven people are all linked in some way by an anomaly in their DNA, and the search begins for the truth about how and why they have returned. In season 2 they are offered a tell all exclusive book deal... but they still haven't remembered who they are or why they are back. Isolation starts to take it's toll and some of the group begin to lose touch with reality... and their emotions[8]





SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
169 July 2015 (2015-07-09)13 August 2015 (2015-08-13)ABC
2614 September 2017 (2017-09-14)[1][2]19 October 2017 (2017-10-19)ABC & Netflix
3625 August 2019 (2019-08-25)[1][2]29 September 2019 (2019-09-29)

Series 1 (2015)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateAustralian viewers
11"The Risen"Emma FreemanLouise Fox9 July 2015 (2015-07-09)511,000[9]
Sergeant James Hayes is called to the cemetery late at night to find six naked, filthy, disoriented people. He begins an investigation and is shocked to discover that one of them is his late wife Kate, who had died two years before. The returned remember their first names, but all except Kate seem not to know who they are. Carlo speaks only Italian; he realizes who he is late in the episode and begins talking about his brother Alessandro. Dr McKellar happens to be treating a man named Alessandro who is in his 90s, so James takes Carlo to see him. On the road to Alessandro's house, Carlo begins bleeding from the eyes. James stops to see if he is all right; Carlo leaves the car and turns to ash as he crosses the bridge. James tells Dr McKellar what happened, asking her to keep it secret until they can learn more about what is happening. Vic finds Carlo's grave after witnessing his death on the bridge. James heads home, and it is shown that he has a new wife who is pregnant. As the episode comes to a close, another man is seen digging his way out of his grave.
22"Am I in Hell?"Emma FreemanKris Mrksa16 July 2015 (2015-07-16)442,000[10]
Kate remembers that she underwent a mastectomy, but now she has her breasts again. Dr McKellar runs some tests on her and does not find any irregularities, meaning that her cancer seems to have gone. The man seen emerging from his grave at the end of the previous episode runs into a female change room. The Risen try to work out who they are and why they have returned. Kristen starts to experience bleeding as she and James approach the bridge where Carlos died, and James stops the car. Meanwhile, James is torn between his two loves and turns to Vic for help. Fearing for their safety, Elishia hides the Risen from Vic. Kate and Maria run to the cemetery, where Maria realizes that her daughter Anna is also dead. They then go to Kate and James' house and Kate is devastated to learn that James has a new wife, her old friend Sarah. Vic has an accident while driving his car, but he seems to be left with only a gash on his forehead. Elishia takes the Risen to an unknown location and will not tell James where they are.
33"Miracle or Punishment"Emma FreemanGiulia Sanders23 July 2015 (2015-07-23)N/A
Vic is behaving very strangely after his accident and is obsessed with finding the Risen. James finds Maria in a church. She tells him to take her to see her husband, who is suffering dementia and is in a rest home, in exchange for her taking him to where the rest of the Risen are hidden. During the visit, her husband calls her a whore, distressing her and prompting her to remember a scene in which a boy tried to caress her legs. Maria and James go to see that boy, now a middle-aged man, and Maria asks what happened on that occasion. He says that she slapped him. James asks him how Maria died, and he replies "in a car accident." Meanwhile, Elisha and the rest of the Risen realize that there is an invisible boundary around the town. Paddy has a revelation about his identity and takes a box from his old house. Kate and James spend the night together. As the episode comes to a close, Maria is crying at her daughter's tomb, and Vic approaches her saying that he has been looking for her to help her.
44"There Is No Justice"Emma FreemanKris Mrksa & Louise Fox30 July 2015 (2015-07-30)N/A
Vic convinces Maria that Elishia is not really trying to help them, but that she is trying to use them for her own professional gain. He convinces her to take him to the Risen by making her believe that they can bring her daughter back to life. She realises that he is not really trying to help her; she tries to get away from him but he kills her. Kirstie gets restless and sets off to find some answers for herself, and James helps her discover that she was murdered and her boyfriend was convicted—but she realises that he did not do it. John leaves the group due to his unpredictable and aggressive behaviour and ends up assaulting a store clerk. He later attempts suicide due to his inability to remember anything about his past. Elishia helps him uncover his past as a murderer. James gets a tip on Paddy and finds him in the woods and takes him to the others. After much effort, Paddy finally opens the box that he took from his house. Kate reveals herself to James' new wife Sarah.
55"The Impossible Triangle"Emma FreemanLouise Fox6 August 2015 (2015-08-06)332,000[11]
Sarah struggles to come to terms with Kate being alive. She, James, and Kate try to navigate their complex love triangle and come to terms with what to do. Charlie uncovers some confusing things about his past from a local bar keep, while Vic tracks down Elishia and John. Vic is aggressive with Elishia and John attacks him but Vic gets the upper hand with his gun and forces Elishia to call James. Paddy remembers his wife and realises he is kin to Beau and his family. He enlists Beau to help him get his house and wealth back. Vic attacks James, Elishia, Paddy and Beau but injures himself chasing them and they finally get the upper hand. James discovers Maria's body in Vic's car.
66"There Must Be Rules"Emma FreemanLouise Fox13 August 2015 (2015-08-13)383,000[12]
Elishia and James deduce that Vic helped Maria and James tries to confront him as to why she was missing. Vic is given Morphine by Elishia before he can answer, raising suspicion. Elishia operates on Vic due to the injury he sustained in the chase earlier but she cuts the wrong artery. Charlie and Kirstie bury Maria's baby. Chris picks up Kate after stopping her on her motorcycle, and she listens tearfully as he speaks to Kate's mum on his phone. Chris then locks her in a cell at the station. James comes to get Kate so she can help with Vic's operation since she used to be a nurse. When Vic awakens, he gives John a silver whistle that Elishia had found in his grave. John uses it, and everyone suddenly remembers everything about their deaths. This leads John to believe Vic, so he helps to force all the Risen into Elishia's van and they take them to the bridge out of town. As they attempt to force everyone over the bridge, James begs them to stop before shooting Vic in the head, killing him. Sarah goes into labour but there are complications and James discovers that it is stillborn. Elishia grabs all of her medicine before driving off into the night. Back at the hospital, the baby is dead but the doctor tells James that Sarah was also technically dead for a moment. James goes into the corridor and listens to a voicemail from Chris, who has discovered that Dr. Elisha Keller died 400 years ago.

Series 2 (2017)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateAustralian viewers
71"The Rare Bird"Emma Freeman[13]Louise Fox14 September 2017 (2017-09-14)[1][2]N/A
Four years ago, Elishia wakes up in a morgue. In the present, James remains suspicious of Sarah, who seems to be recovering quickly, has memory loss, and is acting erratic. James asks to see Vic's grave and it is revealed that the Risen cannot get to his grave due to the invisible barrier blocking them. It appears to be moving or shrinking. John breaks into a house and is approached by a woman, Dr. Heysen, who knows exactly who he is. She says that Elishia used to work for her and offers him information on how Elishia brought the Risen back. She reveals his real name is William Blackburn. James investigates Elishia and talks to her former partner and discovers she was researching cell regeneration before she died of a stroke four years ago. Caroline tells Chris that Vic is missing. Chris asks James to help him track down his phone at the property where the Risen are. Kate gets close with a local named Owen. Beau's step-dad Phil returns after an explosion on his oil rig. Elishia comes to James' house to ask for help saving John as Sarah watches through the window.
82"Two Truths"Tony KrawitzLouise Fox21 September 2017 (2017-09-21)N/A
At the lake house, James is shocked to discover Owen and Kate in bed. But Elishia has returned, so he has more pressing things to worry about. He, Kate and Kirstie drill Elishia for answers – but she just claims ignorance and blames Noregard for everything. However, many of the details she offers contradict what Nicola is telling John, as she takes him inside Noregard to the private laboratory and starts to conduct experiments on him, the last of which is brutal. Meanwhile, Phil settles in to life back in Yoorana, but he’s clearly changed. He’s now on a mission and no one is going to stand in his way. Now home alone with her newborn daughter, Sarah struggles. Is it post-natal depression or is something far more sinister she is grappling with? Determined to check Elishia’s story, James and Kate enter Noregard hoping to have their questions answered. However, Nicola refuses to comply and sends them away. Kirstie and Charlie set off to uncover more information on their own histories, both determined to help each other discover the truth of them. Paddy, through a glitch, discovers more clues to his past, as he remembers Kalinda saving his life after he was bitten by a snake. He effectively relives the moment everything changed and he fell in love with her. Kate, furious at James for lecturing her on her personal affairs and who she should trust, goes to visit Owen. She is thrown when Owen questions her intentions behind sleeping with him. He quickly turns her away. At Noregard, John discovers his true name – William Blackburn, and finds the old whistle that he was buried with. Through one of the experiments Nicola has conducted on him, he now remembers more from his past. He escapes Noregard and makes his way back to Elishia for answers. Meanwhile, someone has given Phil a crucial piece of information about Elishia's whereabouts and he is about to track her down.
93"All Too Human"Tony KrawitzGiulia Sanders28 September 2017 (2017-09-28)N/A
James admits to Sarah that he killed Vic. She tries to persuade James to tell Chris everything. Owen enters the house where the Risen are sleeping and absorbs info from them without waking them. He is looking for Elishia but she and William have left. Elishia tries to help William understand how they are connected. She tells him that she brought him back on purpose and the others were just an accident. They discover the boundary is contracting even further. Sarah admits she has had a headache since Nia was born. Later she continues to communicate with Phil to help him find Elishia. They meet in the park and Phil absorbs info from her about Dr Heysen. He asks her if she knows why she is here and if she knows what she needs to do and she says she does now. She later reveals her headache is gone and she wants to help find Elishia. Elishia reveals to William they used to be lovers. She vows to fix the boundary. Phil follows Dr. Heysen to the cemetery where Elishia is. He chases her down and stabs her in the neck leaving her in the river where James and William find her dead.
104"A Duty of Care"Tony KrawitzLouise Fox5 October 2017 (2017-10-05)N/A
James and William bury Elishia. Phil comes to Sarah's house to clean up from his injury and he leaves his bloody clothes at her house. The two talk about their purpose. He has fulfilled his by killing Elishia but says that Sarah has not fulfilled hers yet. Heysen reveals she knows about Vic and his crash where he died but thinks he brought himself back. James still does not trust Heysen. Kirstie tries to get info out of her old friend Vicky who lied to the police. Sarah takes a gun to the house where the Risen are staying. James realizes that Owen has a previous conviction for manslaughter and goes after him. William discovers that his fingers are growing back and takes Elishia's research folder for Heysen. Paddy's persistence to get his estate returned causes him to encounter some issues. Sarah finds Charlie and tries to kill him but suffers a haemorrhage. Sarah tells James to take Nia home, but he goes to Heysen's house and discovers he has gone with William. He then gets home and finds Phil's bloody clothes. He confronts Sarah with them. It is revealed that Chris's brother is the one that killed Kirstie.
115"The Walking Wounded"Emma FreemanPete McTighe12 October 2017 (2017-10-12)N/A
Kirstie tells Chris that his brother Peter killed her. Sarah distracts James from asking her questions about Phil's bloody clothes by telling him about the haemorrhage. The Fitzgerald boys attack Paddy and tie him to his house that is about to be demolished and take his will. James finds out from Beau that Phil is in town and suspects him of Elishia's murder. Adeline frees Paddy. Heysen and William replicate the vibration that Elishia was using in her research. Kate thinks she asked Sarah to help her die and asks Sarah for the truth. She tells her that she stole the drugs for her suicide but could not give them to her. Sarah apologises for not helping her then reaches for her gun but is interrupted by a car pulling up. Sarah tells Phil that James knows who he is. Chris runs into Kirstie at the lake house and is attacked by Phil who is there to kill the Risen. James arrives and subdues Phil with Chris and Kirstie's help. He takes him back to town and places him in a holding cell. Charlie remembers that he committed suicide to avoid dying slowly of TB. Paddy is killed by Sarah.
126"The Letter"Emma FreemanLouise Fox19 October 2017 (2017-10-19)N/A
James gets Phil to admit that he is like Vic and their purpose was to kill Elishia for breaking the "rules" of the universe. Beau tells James about Paddy, who turns to dust. Kate reveals her secret and breaks it off with Owen. Paddy's lawyer comes to Beau's house with an offer of 2 million dollars and a certain heirloom to release the Fitzgerald estate from any future claims. Sarah frees Phil while the Risen seek sanctuary at the Noregard facility. Heysen offers to help them fix the boundary. James discovers that Sarah is like Phil and is working with him. Charlie is wounded by Sarah as he and the others escape. They steal a van and head to the cemetery, where Heysen and William are preparing the experiment. After a struggle with James, Phil is shot by Sarah, but before dying he raises James’ gun and kills Sarah. The boundary is reset. Later, James takes Nia to visit his parents while Beau scatters Paddy’s remains at Corona Hill. William keeps a vigil at the cemetery. The symbol depicted in Elishia's notes has formed in the ground around where Elishia was buried.

Series 3 (2019)

No. in
TitleDirected by [14]Written byOriginal air date [15]Australian viewers
131"Mum"Emma FreemanLouise Fox25 August 2019 (2019-08-25)N/A
William waits patiently at the cemetery for the experiment to bring Elishia back to work. As an unexpected side-effect, two new Risen crawl from the graves. It isn’t long before Belle and Tam regain some of their memories. The two join forces to find Belle’s family, but things don’t go according to plan. Kate & Owen, and Kirstie & Charlie set off across the Yoorana boundary on their journeys. James takes Nia to his parents to try and deal with Sarah’s death.
142"Quintessence"Emma FreemanPete McTighe1 September 2019 (2019-09-01)TBD
Kate and Owen suffer a punctured tyre on their road trip requiring them to seek help at a nearby pub, where Owen’s true intentions with Kate are revealed. William sees the future where he believes Elishia is still alive and his vision leads him to the Melbourne Star. Mark finally tracks down William. William decides to head back to Yoorana where James finds him along the way, and a realization by the two is made.
153"First Times"Emma FreemanGiula Sandler8 September 2019 (2019-09-08)TBD
Kirstie and Charlie embark on their Melbourne adventure. Kirstie discovers something disastrous out about herself that she plans on fixing. Charlie has an unexpected love interest stumble into his life, literally. After Mark’s encounter with William, he goes about pursuing the other Risen. Chris contacts Kirstie and Charlie, but when the phone connection drops out with Kirstie, and Charlie hangs up on Chris, Chris heads to Melbourne. Beau finds Phil in his yard and attempts to attack him. Phil stops him and explains that he wants to make everything right. Later, while running errands, Phil sees Kate back in town and chasers her down. He confesses that he is no longer out to harm the Risen as he too wants to live a life of his own.
164"Perfectly Safe"Emma FreemanKris Mrksa15 September 2019 (2019-09-15)TBD
175"The Enemy"Emma FreemanPete McTighe22 September 2019 (2019-09-22)TBD
186"What Is Dead May Never Die"Emma FreemanLouise Fox29 September 2019 (2019-09-29)TBD

Home media

Title Format Episodes Discs Release date (Region 4 Australia) Distributor Notes
Glitch: Season 01 DVD 6 2 1 October 2015 Universal Sony Pictures Includes Special Features
Glitch: Season 02 DVD 6 2 29 November 2017 Universal Sony Pictures Includes Special Features
Glitch: Season 03 DVD 6 N/A 16 October 2019 N/A
Glitch: Seasons 01–03 DVD 18 N/A 16 October 2019 N/A


On Rotten Tomatoes season 1 has an approval rating of 80% based on 5 reviews.[16] On Rotten Tomatoes season 2 has an approval rating of 80% based on 5 reviews.[17]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2017 AACTA Awards Best Television Drama Glitch 2 Nominated
2017 Screen Producers Australia Best Drama Series Glitch S2 Nominated
2016 Australian Director's Guild Awards Best Direction in a Television Drama Series Emma Freeman Won
2016 AACTA Awards Best Television Drama Glitch Won
Best Supporting Actress Hannah Monson Nominated
Best Original Score in Television Cornel Wilczek, Episode 4 Won
2015 TV Week Logies Most Outstanding Supporting Actress Emily Barclay Nominated
Most Outstanding Newcomer Hannah Monson Nominated
2015 Logie Awards Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor Patrick Brammall Nominated
2015 TV Week Logies Most Outstanding Drama Series Glitch Won
2015 Screen Producers Australia Best Drama Series Glitch Nominated
2015 Australian Writers Guild Best Screenplay in Television Glitch Nominated

Glitch was screened at Roma Fiction Fest in 2015.[18]


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