Bardon Park

Bardon Park is a park overlooking the Swan River in Maylands, suburb of Perth, Western Australia.[2] It is considered one of Perth’s most picturesque parks.[3]

Nearby residents concerned about the park incorporated the Bardon Park Riverside Restoration Group to address weeds in 2016. The park has been managed by the City of Bayswater since 2006.[4]

A nature playground was developed for $175,000 and opened in March 2016. The playground features a rock garden which illustrates “the six Noongar seasons of Birak – the first summer, Bunuru – the second summer, Djeran – autumn, Makuru – the first rains, Djilba – the second rains and Kambarang – flowering.”[5] The park is a popular location for Australia Day activities, including watching City of Perth Skyworks.

The is located on the edge of this park.

The terrain around Bardon Park is flat.[n 1] The highest point nearby is 45 meters above sea level, 1.0 kilometres northwest of Bardon Park.[n 2] Around Bardon Park it is densely populated with 982 inhabitants per square kilometre.[6] The nearest larger society is Perth, 3.2 kilometres southwest of Bardon Park. The area around Bardon Park contains unusually many named bays and beaches.[n 3][1]

Around Bardon Park, it is essentially urban.[7] The climate in the area is 19 . Average yearly in the neighbourhood is 19 °C. The warmest month is January, when the average temperature is 28 °C, And the coldest is June, with 11 °C.[8] Average annual precipitation is 820 millimeter. The rainy month is July, on average142 mm rainfall, and the driest is January, with 11 mm precipitation.[9]


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