Kurunjang is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 36 km west of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the City of Melton local government area. Kurunjang recorded a population of 10,070 at the 2016 Census.[1]


The suburb contains three schools: Kurunjang Primary School,[2] Kurunjang Secondary College[3] and Heathdale Christian College.[4]


Located in the south of the suburb is Kurunjang Recreation Reserve, home to . Adjacent to that are 6 tennis courts. North-west of Kurunjang Recreation Reserve is the French Athletic and Track field and the Melton Hockey ground. In the north-west of the suburb, there is Pennyroyal park, which has some playground facilities and open space. There is a planned active open space area with an football oval and some tennis courts, which will be located on the currently empty space on Dalray Crescent.[5]

In the south-east of the suburb, there is the LittleBlind Creek Reserve, which has some playground facilities. In the east of the suburb, there is a park on the corner of Kirkton Drive and Victoria Avenue. In the north-east of the suburb, there is a large park off Archer Drive, with playground facilities and a basketball court.

In the far north there is an equestrian centre.[6]


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