SS Orsova (1908)

SS Orsova was an ocean liner owned by the Orient Steam Navigation Company. She was built by John Brown & Company at Clydebank, Scotland in 1909 to operate a passenger service between London and Australia (via Suez Canal). Tonnage: 12,026 tons. Length: 163 metres (535 ft). Breadth: 19 metres (62 ft). Maximum speed: 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph). Passengers: 1310 (consisting of 280 first class, 130 second class, 900 third class). Maiden voyage: 25 June 1909. During one of her voyages in 1914 two passengers aboard RMS Orsova were Bronislaw Malinowski, the Polish scientist, and Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (1885-1939) the well-known Polish artist, playwright and philosopher. The journey to Ceylon was intended by Witkiewicz as a cure for his psyche after the suicide of his fiancée, Ms. Jadwiga Janczewska. Commandeered as a troopship in 1915. On 14 March 1917, she was damaged by a mine laid by German submarine UC-68 and beached in Cornwall, but was repaired in Devonport and resumed the passenger service on the UK to Australia route in 1919.[1] Her last voyage was on 20 June 1936, and she was broken up at Bo’ness, Scotland.[2]


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