Kanmantoo, South Australia

Kanmantoo is a settlement in South Australia.[1] It is southeast of Adelaide in the eastern Adelaide Hills. It is in the catchment basin of the Bremer River.


The town is named after the Kanmantoo mine about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) south, which opened in the 1840s and was owned by the South Australian Company. The mine was named by William Gilles after a local Aboriginal word.[2][3] The site of the old underground mine is now in a much larger opencut copper mine owned by .[4] It is in the Adelaide Geosyncline.


Kanmantoo is on the Old Princes Highway between Nairne and Callington, but most through traffic now bypasses the town on the South Eastern Freeway. The Adelaide-Wolseley railway line also passes near the mine, but there is no station at Kanmantoo.


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