Coorabakh is a national park located near Hannam Vale in New South Wales, Australia, 272 kilometres (169 mi) northeast of Sydney.

Three volcanic outcrops known as Big Nellie (31°42′2″S 152°31′20″E / 31.70056°S 152.52222°E / -31.70056; 152.52222), Flat Nellie (31°42′39″S 152°30′37″E / 31.71083°S 152.51028°E / -31.71083; 152.51028) and Little Nellie (31°41′40″S 152°30′3″E / 31.69444°S 152.50083°E / -31.69444; 152.50083) dominate the park.

The park is covered in tall eucalypt forest and shrubs on the exposed Lansdowne escarpment, while warm temperate and subtropical rainforest can be found in more protected areas. Endangered species such as the spotted-tailed quoll, powerful owl and stuttering frog can be found in the area.

Newbys Cave is can be reached by following Newbys Creek from the carpark, while Newbys Lookout offers picnic facilities and panoramic views of the Manning River valley. Flat Rock Lookout (31°41′17″S 152°30′23″E / 31.68806°S 152.50639°E / -31.68806; 152.50639) overlooks the upper Lansdowne Valley and Comboyne Plateau escarpment. Starrs Creek picnic area has a rainforest viewing platform.

The park borders the Lansdowne State Forest.

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