The Jupagalk were an indigenous Australian people of the State of Victoria. They may have been a Wergaia clan.


The language of the Jupagalk was related to Jaara, according to remarks by A. W. Howitt, as interpreted by Norman Tindale.[a]


The eastern boundaries of Jupagalk territory, which extended over 1,700 sq. miles, went as far as Gonn. Their southern boundary ended around Charlton. They extended west of Kerang, and southwest towards Lake Buloke. The northern frontier lay beyond Towaninnie.[3]

Social organization

The Jupagalk tribe was composed of several hordes.[3]

Alternative names

  • Jambajamba (jamba means 'no')
  • Yamba, Yambayamba.
  • Yuppila, Yupa-galk-wournditch ("people of the native box (Bursaria spinosa) country")
  • Yow-ew-nil-lurn
  • Towanninny
  • Mallenjerrick ("people of the mallee").


  1. ^ Tindale cites Howitt in Palmer 1884, which fails verification.[1] The actual source is another paper by Howitt in the same volume, referring to the Avoca river (i.e. Jaara) tribe identified as belonging to the Jajowrong, with its special tribal name "Jupa-galk-wournditch".[2][3]


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