The Eastern Maar people are a group of Aboriginal Australian peoples whose traditional lands are in the south-western part of state of Victoria, Australia. It is a name adopted by a number of Aboriginal Victorian groups who identify as Maar, including Eastern Gunditjmara, Tjap Wurrung, Peek Whurrong, Kirrae Whurrung, Kuurn Kopan Noot and/or Yarro waetch (Tooram Tribe) people. They are represented by the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC), a land council.[1]

In July 2011 the Eastern Maar and Gunditjmara peoples were recognised as the native title holders for an area in south-west Victoria between the Shaw and Eumeralla Rivers, and from Yambuk in the south, to beyond Lake Linlithgow in the north.[1]

EMAC is negotiating a Recognition and Settlement Agreement with the Victorian Government for the area of Stawell south-west of Horsham and Ararat roads. The boundary of the agreement is under negotiation.[2][3]


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