The Maryborough–Avoca–Ararat railway is a railway line in western Victoria, Australia. It is one of the few railway lines in the state to have been closed and then reopened. Today it is a standard gauge branch line connecting the Western SG with Bung Bong (ballast) and Dunolly (grain), running through Maryborough station.


The first section of line was opened as a branch from Maryborough to Avoca in October 1874, 24 kilometres in length, then was extended 62.8 kilometres to Ararat in November 1890, forming a through route between two main lines. In July 1959 the line between Avoca and Ararat was closed.[2] In October 1966 the line was reopened,[2] and in 1996 it was converted to standard gauge, along with the main Melbourne–Adelaide railway.[3]

The Avoca–Ararat section of the line has been unused for a number of years and Pacific National used it to store over 100 surplus grain wagons,[4] until many of them were reactivated to carry the 2011–2012 harvest.


The line is to be reopened (as of 2017) as standard gauge and upgraded to 21-tonne axle loads, with insertion of over 100,000 new concrete sleepers. The second reopening of this cross-country line is primarily to allow for the carriage of mineral sands from Manangatang to a processing plant at Hamilton. The reopening project includes the provision of a direct standard gauge connection between the Avoca and Hamilton lines at Ararat to avoid the need for trains to have to reverse at Ararat.[5][6][7]

It was announced in June 2017 that work will begin to reopen the 87 km line between Maryborough and Ararat.[8]


The Maryborough-to-Ararat rail freight line was officially re-opened at Avoca early in 2018 after more than 13 years of siting idle.[1][9]

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