The Adelaide Review is a monthly print news and arts magazine and dynamic website, founded by Christopher Pearson in 1985 in Adelaide, South Australia.[1] As of March 2019, it was one of only two "broad-spectrum non-Murdoch print media" publications in Adelaide, the other one being SA Life.[2][3]

Content and readership

According to its 2018 media kit,

"The Adelaide Review is a monthly print magazine and dynamic website that presents a comprehensive balance of local, national and international features, reviews and opinion pieces with a particular focus on culture and social issues."[4]

The monthly print magazine is available free at more than 700 newsagents, cafés, restaurants, bars and bookshops across Adelaide and regional centres, or can be purchased by annual subscription. Circulation of the print magazine is about 22,000 and readership 72,000. Its target demographic is "tertiary educated professionals who have disposable income and are interested in culture and the arts" and its top interests are listed as the arts, food, cinema, events, travel, news and opinion.[4]


From April 2015 it has been published by Adelaide-based Opinion Media, which also owned Rip it Up until it ceased publication in 2016.[5] OM is owned by Intertrade Global, in turn owned by EPI Communications.[2][6] As of March 2019, Intertrade is owned by Euro-Pacific Holdings.[7] In 2009, the AR was reported to have been owned by Spanish publisher Javier Moll.[8]

Notable contributors


The Adelaide Review has existed in a number of forms since the 1980s,[9][10] as both a magazine and a newspaper. The first edition came out in March 1984.

In the year April 2003–March 2004, CAB-audited average monthly circulation was 38,642.[10] In the period 2004-07, the print magazine was usually published fortnightly.[citation needed] In April–September 2013 its monthly circulation was 20,058.[11]


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