Northfield is a suburb of the greater Adelaide, South Australia area.


The earliest known record of the name "Northfield" being used in reference to the area is 1852. This was a newspaper entry in the South Australia Register 4 October 1852 on the marriage notice of John Lewis to Harriet Ricketts of Northfield.[2] Northfield was known as "Northfield, Dry Creek" as early as 1855 and the Free Labour stone quarry worked by Convicts at that time was later to become the Prison Quarry. This large cutting was then filled back in with garbage from the local area up until the 1960s.[citation needed] It was then converted to parklands. In 1879 the first mention of a school being built called at Northfield near the Stockade was mentioned in a newspaper entry dated 30 May 1879.[citation needed] The Northfield Public School was sometimes also referred to as (of Gepps Cross).[citation needed]

The suburb was serviced by the former Northfield railway line and Northfield railway station from the opening of the line in 1857, until its closure to passenger traffic on 29 May 1987.[3] The former terminus of the line, Stockade railway station, which was closed in 1961, was built to load stone from the quarries behind Yatala Labour Prison[3] (which was originally called The Stockade - a name which survives in the local park of the same name[4]). Sections of Northfield were renamed Northgate and Lightsview in 2016.[5]



Northfield is in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield local government area, and is in both the South Australian House of Assembly electoral districts of Florey and Enfield. It is also in both the Australian House of Representatives Divisions of Adelaide and Makin.

Coordinates: 34°51′S 138°37′E / 34.850°S 138.617°E / -34.850; 138.617


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