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Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance is a South Australian private hospital group incorporated on 9 November 1999. Healthscope has had day-to-day operational responsibility for the hospitals since 2003.

It comprises the following hospitals:

Introduction: Adelaide community health care Alliance is a project that provides quality and passionate service for individuals, especially the elderly in South Australia. There are a growing number of old people without self-ability and the high prevalence of overweight situations. Associating diseases like cancers, blind, cardiovascular system disarray. Community health care plays an important role in undertaking their daily health, both physically and mentally. ACHA acts as a non-profit institution, helping people examine body’s regularly, cure old diseases. Under these kinds of circumstances, the ratio of death decreased. In the future, it would be expected to innovate and provide a large range of services.

Location: Ashford Hospital:55 Anzac Highway Ashford SA 5035 Flinders Private Hospital:1 Flinders Drive Bedford Park SA 5042 The Memorial Hospital: Sir Edwin Smith Avenue North Adelaide SA 5006

Purpose: Adelaide community health care Alliance (ACHA), considering as the biggest private hospital association in South Australia, contained with Ashford Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital, and Memorial Hospital. It offers acute health care with community-based modules and non-profit tradition, which work together for better care. (

Ashford hospital: Ashford hospital is one of the proud members of Adelaide Community Health-care Alliance in south Australia, geared with a top level private comprehensive and intensive care, neonatal, and maternal care. ( As for the common struggle, diabetes, which is an important item in Ashford health care system. Two main diabetes services, including inpatient and outpatient support. Inpatient management is the education of the latest diagnosed patients, those who need comprehensive treatment. Outpatient care checks every indicators’ body level, as fasting blood glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin and blood sugar after 2 hours eating. Nursing support, one on one appointments with personalized primary care plan are applying in outpatient service.

Ashford hospital with diabetes

Ashford hospital cooperated with Australian Diabetes Society-Servicer to evaluate a certain connection between female who have had gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and form type 2 diabetes. July 2002, Ashford joined GDM research, until June 2009, there are 817 women taking part in long-term inspection. 68.4% in 2002 and 64.4% in 2007 had the first reminder to notice glucose level, 56.3% in 2009 had a diabetes test. As for the results, there was an increasing tend to be having type 2 diabetes as time longer. As a consequence, Ashford hospital had series of earlier glucose test for GDM patients, especially 6th week to 3rd month after giving birth. GDM is a general problem, as 4.9% gestational women in South Australia had diabetes in 2007. And there a high proportion to acquire type 2 diabetes, which will be obesity and have risk to children. Resistance to insulin have a tend to accumulate glucose and lead to fat. ( Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol) Ashford diabetes centre provided a stage to take this long-term follow-up research, and also helped thousands of pregnant females avoid diabetes. Although there are series examinations about glucose and type 2 diabetes until now, Ashford centre scientists have guides to families, which have new babies. Keeping a regular and healthy diet with proper exercise is critical to those who has gestational diabetes mellitus. (Catherine, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Flinders Private Hospital: As Adelaide’s the third famous hospital in southern district, Flinders Private Hospital (FPH) is at the cutting-edge of innovative Cardiac Cure in South parts. FPH cardiac equipment regularly to ensure a number of interventional life-saving steps. Patients undertake the advanced expertise and support, Cardiologists act as the first Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implant (TAVI) operating a balloon expandable valve in the Asia-Pacific Region. In collaboration with FMC, FPH offers kinds of cares to all metropolitan and out-skirt areas with an efficiency to accept air retrievals. There are two cardiothoracic operating cinemas in Flinders Private Hospital. A variety of different cardiovascular and thoracic conditions, containing: Adult congenital heart conditions, Benign and malignant lung and other chest diseases, Ischaemic heart diseases, Valvular diseases (both valve replacement and valve repair) are supplied by emergency managements. Cardiac disorder is the common trouble, especially surgical management as cardiac arrest. (

Flinders Private Hospital and cardiovascular disorder

Flinders Private Hospital has a cardiac centre and equipped with advanced facilities. An investigation about cardiac disorder: depression and anxious in surgery patients was carried out in Flinders Private Hospital from Feb.2007 to March 2009, lasting approximate two years. The specialists tested negative active (NA) and Type D level with anxious symptoms questionnaire. There are 158 patients with 36-87 years who had cardiac surgery before, containing 4 aspects: hearing, listening, speaking and hearing. The result was appeared clearly, morbidity reactions are tightly associated with affective phenotypes, disorders and Type D treatment methods. The study is based on psychological theories and clinical data, confirming an imagination of Trait NA and the GAD are efficient in depression or anxiety disorder therapy. (Phillip J. Tully et al. Cardiac morbidity risk and depression and anxiety: A disorder, symptom and trait analysis among cardiac surgery patients). In future treatment, Trait NA significantly influence in morbidity risk after cardiovascular surgery. Also, increasing clinical cure methods be applied in surgery and type D symptom in Flinders Private Hospital. Further CHD morbidity research could investigate NA, psychosocial risks as depression and anxiety simultaneously rather than in isolation.

The Memorial Hospital: The Memorial Hospital provides a broad dimension of surgical supports, covering robotic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery and laser procedures. Doctors are cooperated with advanced techniques, performing the best care available. Nervous system diseases commonly occurred immediately. Neurosurgical procedures combine aid of: Brain, Spine and nervous system. Dedicated companies support doctors in offering an intensive patient-centre treatment. Specified neurosurgical ward, committed neurosurgical liaison nurse, accomplished neurosurgical nurses, capable neuro physiotherapists and magnificent care units, including Medical Officers rostered on-site 24/7 are covered in memorial services. (

The Memorial Hospital and kids care
  pre-school kids’ health condition in Adelaide
A research by The Memorial Hospital and government from Sep.2005 to July.2007, selected pre-school children (1-5years)’nutrient intake and diet habits with health conditions randomly. Using last 3 days dietary mass diary and signed up with biomarkers to identify

iron, zinc and vitamin B12, glucose and fatty acid level. The result shows 1-5year old kids in Adelaide have a normal energy intake, within recommend range. Carbohydrate takes up 50%, fat, protein takes 33% and 17% respectively, which can maintain children’s daily consumption. However, data for calcium, iron, zine and vitamin B C are lower than standard. It shows a tendency to have a risk having anemia, dysplasia problems. Only a minority of pre-school kids achieved the sufficient intake for n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (32%) and dietary fibre (18%). When children who lack cellulose or mineral elements growing up, there have a high chance gaining kings of diseases about intestine and stomach. A lower intake of cellulose and n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and high amount of saturated fat intakes have increased concerns that this dietary pattern may be related to adverse long-term health effects. As absorb and the BMI value is raising, which means a higher weight leads to obesity. Specialists strongly make suggestions that kids and their parents notice daily diet, balance sugar, vegetable and meat’s intake. Taking a regular exercise to keep health and strong, enhance immunity from young ages. (Shao J Zhou et al. Nutrient intakes and status of preschool children in Adelaide, South Australia)

The Memorial Hospital kids’ service

The Memorial Hospital is one of the biggest and the most powerful children care services. Accommodation is an incorporation including single, shared and open bay rooms. Bed allocation is depended on child's clinical requirements, it is often the doctor's option for paediatric patients to be nursed in an outdoor bay for close observation. Suitable facilities are offered, which is supposed that one parent / carer will accompany overnight with their kids. (

Institution finance: Adelaide Community Health-care Alliance is an association governed by a board of six directors. The constitution was elected and nominated by its members. Adelaide government also retains responsibility for strategic directions and takes care daily operations. Evidence used and influenced on decision-making compares cost effective results, cost benefit and cost utility results, showing that locals and companies attitude to health care finance. (resource allocation and economic evaluation in Australia’s healthcare system)

As for appliance of money, 1/3 fund in Adelaide Community Health-care Alliance was used in medical goods, technologies and health care provision; Spending on innovation and lab experiments takes up same proportion with salaries and other daily expenditure. Although in weekends, there are numbers of volunteers helping patients or testers. The basic and most important cost in researching is creating new medicines especially for some generally diseases. As a non-profit organization, dealing with trust money and pay money correctly is regulated in policy that all save in a trust account and with clear subsidiary, which can ensure the objectivity and reliability. (Australia government Nov.2018: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987 No. 41, 1987)

Effect: According to national health survey, calculating participants weight by square of height as a result of BMI. It provided detailed statistics of after health care like visiting hospital and receiving physical therapy BMI. Representative statistics of medical and preventive health supports, which have an influence on obesity enhance the reliability of results, which reveals higher BMI significantly associated with usage of quantities of health, showing specific data through comparison two groups, showing that among women Australia, distinguish connection between BMI and various clinical services. Visiting outpatient clinic and consultants with doctors will have a positive to public health conditions. (Relationship Between Body Mass Index and the Use of Healthcare Service in Australia)

Future development: Private health insurance administration council (PHIAC), which anticipates an effective and competitive health insurance corporation is a multiple function council with lawful regulator, contains collector, repository of helpful information and suggesting that in the future, there should be more innovative online system improve consumer’s experience and get cured immediately. There are numbers of activities that this group help with every day like managing the Risk Equalisation Trust Fund. Those introductions about basic information about health care system are similar to Adelaide community health care Alliance. As a model of welfare, PHIAC is the fundamental of other non-profit institutions, providing evidence to more area and make it possible for individuals to trust with. (Australian government: Private Health Insurance Administration Council Annual Report 2009-10) Development and implement of infrastructure and service delivery are changing to correspond with explosion area like chronic disease and palliative care, which are predicted to be challenging problem. (The future of primary healthcare in Australia: Where to from here Australasian Medical Journal [AMJ 2014, 7, 2, 78-80])


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