ACE Open is a contemporary visual art organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia. It was established in 2017[1] following the merger of the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia and the .[2]

The organisation is located in the Lion Arts Centre in the West End of North Terrace, where it inhabits an area specifically designed for artistic use, including a gallery, office space, artist's studios and a free space, formerly the Dark Horsey bookshop, which can be used for events and other purposes. It also includes the former Feast Festival rooms across the laneway.[3] It presents an annual program of free exhibitions by South Australian, Australian and international artists, and hosts events including artist talks, workshops, celebrations and screenings.[4]

ACE Open's vision is to "transform, expand, create and understand our world through contemporary art". Its mission is: "ACE Open provides space for artists and audiences to champion creativity, forge connection and break new ground in contemporary art".[5]

Its inaugural CEO was Liz Nowell,[3] who was appointed director of the in March 2019.[6]


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